AC Milan vs Inter Milan Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Serie A

AC Milan vs Inter Milan: Prediction and Betting Guide for Serie A Match.

Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, hosts one of football’s most iconic derbies at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) on April 22, 2024. The Derby della Madonnina between AC Milan and Inter Milan is more than just a city rivalry; it’s a pivotal Serie A clash that could see Inter clinch the Scudetto. Scheduled for 18:45 GMT, this match not only features top-notch players but also experienced refereeing by Colombo A., ensuring a fiercely competitive and fair contest in front of a full house of 80,018 spectators.

This late-season encounter comes during the 33rd round of Serie A, where Inter Milan has a golden opportunity to secure the title against their age-old rivals, AC Milan. While Inter aims to make history by securing the earliest championship win, AC Milan will look to disrupt their plans and add a thrilling chapter to their storied rivalry.


As you prepare for the upcoming Derby della Madonnina, the AC Milan vs Inter Milan prediction today is crucial for any betting enthusiast or football fan looking to understand the dynamics of this significant match. Both teams have shown formidable form throughout the season, with Inter poised to claim the title and Milan fighting fiercely to secure a respectable finish. This match promises not only intense action but also strategic gameplay influenced by recent performances and historical outcomes. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the tactical nuances that could define this encounter.

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Current Serie A standings for AC Milan vs Inter Milan April 22, 2024:

AC Milan Results

Ahead of the Derby della Madonnina, AC Milan’s recent form has been a mix of resilience and missed opportunities. The team’s performance has been somewhat inconsistent, which could be a factor in the upcoming derby. Here’s how they’ve done in their last five matches:

18.04.2024ELAS Roma vs AC Milan2-1L
14.04.2024SASassuolo vs AC Milan3-3D
11.04.2024ELAC Milan vs AS Roma0-1L
06.04.2024SAAC Milan vs Lecce3-0W
30.03.2024SAFiorentina vs AC Milan1-2W

From the table, it’s clear that Milan has struggled in European competitions while maintaining a more stable performance in the domestic league. Their resilience in Serie A matches will be critical as they face a robust Inter squad.

Inter Milan Results

Inter Milan enters the derby with an impressive unbeaten streak in Serie A, marking them as favorites for this match. Here are their last five competitive outings:

14.04.2024SAInter vs Cagliari2-2D
08.04.2024SAUdinese vs Inter1-2W
01.04.2024SAInter vs Empoli2-0W
17.03.2024SAInter vs Napoli1-1D
13.03.2024CLAtl. Madrid vs Inter2-1L

Inter’s ability to score consistently and garner points even from tough situations highlights their readiness for the high-pressure environment of a derby. Their scoring streak could prove decisive against Milan.

Head-to-Head: AC Milan vs Inter Milan

The historical encounters between AC Milan and Inter Milan are always fiercely contested. Here are the results of their last five meetings:

16.09.2023SAInter vs AC Milan5-1
16.05.2023CLInter vs AC Milan1-0
10.05.2023CLAC Milan vs Inter0-2
05.02.2023SAInter vs AC Milan1-0
18.01.2023SCAC Milan vs Inter0-3

Inter has dominated recent derbies, a trend that Milan will desperately want to reverse in the upcoming match.

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Potential Lineups for AC Milan vs Inter Milan

As we approach the eagerly awaited Derby della Madonnina, let’s explore the potential lineups both teams could field. Knowing the starting lineup is crucial as it sets the tone for the tactical approaches both managers might employ. Below is a comparison of the possible starting players for AC Milan and Inter Milan, showcasing the strategic choices likely to impact this pivotal Serie A clash.

AC Milan PlayerPositionInter Milan PlayerPosition

Player Availability: Injuries and Suspensions

Understanding which players are unavailable for the upcoming derby can significantly affect both the tactical setup and the final outcomes. Here’s a detailed look at the players who will not participate in the upcoming AC Milan vs Inter Milan match due to injuries or suspensions.

AC MilanKalulu P.Knee Injury
AC MilanPobega T.Muscle Injury
AC MilanThiaw M.Yellow Cards
Inter MilanCuadrado J.Injury


AC MilanKjaer S.Muscle Injury

This information is crucial for fans and analysts alike, as the absence or potential participation of these key players could influence the match’s dynamics and, consequently, the betting strategies.

Key Factors to Watch

Ahead of this monumental clash, several factors could influence the outcome:

  • Injuries: Both teams are nearly at full strength, with only minor concerns;
  • Team form: Inter’s unbeaten streak vs. Milan’s mixed results;
  • Player performance: Key players like Lautaro Martinez and Olivier Giroud could be decisive;
  • Tactical setups: Both coaches are known for their strategic depth;
  • Historical performance in derbies;
  • Psychological advantage: Inter’s recent dominance in the derby;
  • Home advantage: Though shared, San Siro’s atmosphere could sway slightly in Milan’s favor;
  • Recent European performances: Milan’s struggles could affect their confidence.
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Free Tips on AC Milan vs Inter Milan

As the Derby della Madonnina approaches, every small detail could turn the tide between AC Milan and Inter Milan. This legendary encounter not only captivates with its intense rivalry but also demands a thorough analysis to enhance betting strategies. Below are selected insights that hinge on deep tactical analysis, historical data, and current team conditions. These should guide you in making more informed decisions on your bets for this high-stakes Serie A match.

  • Head-to-Head Dynamics: Historical performances are often a telltale sign of how teams match up. Inter Milan has dominated recent derbies, which might give them a psychological edge heading into this game.
  • Impact of Recent Matches: Always consider the momentum teams bring into the match. Inter is on an impressive unbeaten streak in Serie A, suggesting high morale and confidence, while Milan has faced some setbacks in recent matches, possibly affecting their mental state.
  • Player Availability: Key player performances can drastically influence the game’s outcome. Check the latest team news for injuries or suspensions. For example, the return of Lautaro Martinez for Inter could be pivotal, as his scoring ability has proven crucial in past derbies.
  • Tactical Approaches: Understanding the tactical setups can provide insights into how the match might unfold. Inter’s robust attack might exploit Milan’s defensive vulnerabilities, especially in high-pressure games, making a bet on ‘over 2.5 goals’ a consideration.
  • Stadium Influence: The match takes place at San Siro, a venue steeped in history and shared by both teams. Although it’s a neutral ground in terms of location, the fan presence and atmosphere can still sway the performance of both sides, potentially lifting Milan’s spirits as they seek to thwart Inter’s title hopes.

By integrating these aspects into your betting strategy, you align yourself with more than just the basic odds, giving you a nuanced perspective on the upcoming Milan derby.

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Match Prediction: AC Milan vs Inter Milan Prediction 2024

Given the current dynamics and the AC Milan vs Inter Milan odds, the prediction leans towards a 1-2 victory for Inter Milan. Inter’s formidable form in Serie A, combined with their historical edge in recent derbies, positions them as the likely victors. Milan’s inconsistent performance, especially in crucial matches, further tilts the balance. However, the unpredictability of a derby could always throw a surprise.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Final ScoreInter to Win1.95
Number of Goals Over/UnderOver 2.51.72

Placing a bet on the match – AC Milan vs Inter Milan can be done at This platform offers competitive odds and a user-friendly betting experience, enhancing the excitement of the Derby della Madonnina.

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