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The year 2012 marked a special chapter in the world of cricket, especially with the Indian Premier League (IPL) preparing for its fifth season. There was an unmistakable excitement brewing, more than just the usual anticipation for a cricket tournament. This was the IPL we’re talking about – a league celebrated for its unique blend of world-class international players, nail-biting matches, and an incomparable atmosphere that was simply unmatched. With nine teams ready to compete, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. Picture this: a whopping 76 matches, each packed with tension, drama, and those heart-stopping moments that are the essence of cricket’s allure.

What made the 2012 season unforgettable were the standout performances, those close finishes that had you biting your nails, and the emergence of new cricket heroes. Think about teams like the Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings, and Delhi Daredevils – they weren’t just playing; they were putting on a show with their smart strategies and incredible skills on the field. And the mix of seasoned international players with the young guns from the domestic circuit? It was like watching the past, present, and future of cricket all at once.

Now, let’s talk about something that was a game-changer that season: the IPL Points Table. This wasn’t just a list; it was the roadmap for the teams, showing us who was leading the pack, who was lagging behind, and everything in between. It captured their victories, defeats, the all-important net run rate, and total points. This table wasn’t just numbers; it was the story of the tournament, laying out the competitive landscape for everyone to see.

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In the following section, we will present the IPL Points Table 2012, meticulously detailing each team’s journey through the season. This table not only showcases the standings but also serves as a testament to the hard-fought battles and strategic masterstrokes that defined the season. Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of the points table, revealing the twists and turns of IPL 2012.

IPL 2012 Points Table


More details about columns

  • P: Played
  • W: Win
  • L: Loss
  • T: Tie
  • NR: No Results
  • NRR: Net Run Rate
  • PTS: Points


When IPL 2012 will start?

The IPL 2012 season began on April 4, 2012.

When IPL 2012 will end?

It concluded on May 27, 2012.

How many matches in IPL 2012?

The tournament featured a total of 76 matches.

Who won IPL 2012?

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won the IPL 2012, defeating Chennai Super Kings in the final.

How many teams qualify for playoffs in IPL 2012?

A total of four teams qualified for the playoffs in IPL 2012.

Which player scored the most fifties in IPL 2012?

Gautam Gambhir, the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, scored the most fifties in IPL 2012.

When IPL auction 2012 will?

The IPL auction for the 2012 season took place prior to the tournament, usually a few months before the start of the IPL. The exact date was February 4, 2012.

Our Experts’ Opinions on IPL 2012

The 2012 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the fifth edition of this exhilarating T20 cricket tournament, was not just a sporting event but a spectacle that captured the imagination of cricket fans worldwide. With its unique blend of sports and entertainment, IPL 2012 offered a lot to discuss. Here, we delve into insights from various experts in the field of sports analysis.

The Impact of New Players

The 2012 IPL season stood out for its infusion of young, vibrant talent that revitalized the game. A former international cricket star, serving as our expert, shone a light on the impact these newcomers had. He noted that these young cricketers, unencumbered by global fame, played with a fearless spirit. This added a thrilling unpredictability to the tournament, injecting each match with an electric buzz of excitement. Their fresh perspectives and energy shifted the tournament’s dynamics, making it a memorable season.

Strategy and Team Composition

A renowned coach and IPL analyst emphasized the importance of strategic planning and team composition. IPL 2012 saw teams investing heavily in scouting and strategizing, leading to some unexpected successes and failures. The analyst pointed out that teams with a balanced mix of experienced international players and promising domestic talent tended to perform better.

The Role of Captains

Leadership played a pivotal role in IPL 2012. An expert in sports psychology discussed how captains like MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir, and others demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, guiding their teams through high-pressure situations. The psychological impact of a captain’s decision-making, both on and off the field, was a game-changer in many instances.

Economic and Commercial Aspects

A sports economist provided insights into the economic impact of IPL 2012. With substantial viewership both in India and internationally, the tournament was not just a cricketing success but also a commercial triumph. The economist highlighted how IPL revolutionized the marketing of sports in India, creating a profitable model that other sports are now trying to emulate.


The IPL 2012 season transcended the boundaries of a mere cricket tournament. It emerged as a spectacular blend of sportsmanship, entertainment, and astute business strategies, creating a unique phenomenon in the sporting world. The perspectives shared by various experts unveiled the intricate layers of the event. They illuminated how talent and strategy interplay with leadership and business acumen in shaping the contemporary landscape of cricket. This season was a testament to the evolving dynamics of the game, where passion for cricket is harmoniously intertwined with commercial intelligence and strategic planning.

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