Hosting a Women’s Soccer Podcast: Friendships and Misguided Forecasts

Hosting a Women's Soccer Podcast: Friendships and Misguided Forecasts

Every Tuesday morning on the Guardian Women’s Football Weekly, we eagerly welcome your participation, whether you’re a long-time listener, newly acquainted with our unique content, or yet to experience what we boldly claim as the greatest podcast ever. We value your insights and questions, integrating you into our panel alongside a diverse group of women’s football experts. Together, we delve into the latest happenings in women’s football globally.

The journey began in the summer of 2022, right before the Women’s Euros, with Suzy Wrack and myself at the helm, fueled by excitement and the belief in the Lionesses’ bright prospects. This period marked a significant turning point, attracting a burgeoning fan base as women’s football stepped into the limelight, a momentum we’ve nurtured and grown over the past twenty months. Our commitment extends beyond celebrating achievements; it involves tackling the sport’s challenges, ensuring comprehensive coverage that resonates with and expands our dedicated community.

Celebrating an Epic Final with Friends

Every recording session of our podcast is filled with joy, even when tackling tough topics. My all-time favorite episode was a special one, recorded just hours after England’s unforgettable victory over Germany in the European Championship final. The atmosphere was electric—I had been right there at the stadium, soaking in the celebration. From witnessing players revel in their victory to an unexpected beer from Jill Scott in the tunnel, and even capturing the moment players dashed to surprise their coach during a press conference, the excitement was palpable.

Post-celebration, alongside Suzy and our regular guest Ceylon Andi Hickman, we reluctantly shifted from the BoxPark festivities to join Guardian writer Jonathan Liew at a Premier Inn near Wembley. Our producers transformed a hotel room into a makeshift studio where laughter, reminiscences, and snacks flowed freely. For an hour, amidst the hilarity and chaos, we shared our joy and memories of the tournament, connecting with friends and listeners alike, despite many being strangers we’ve never met.

This episode underscored the unique power of audio to forge intimate connections, inviting us into the lives of our listeners as if we were right there with them. It’s a reminder of the warmth and camaraderie that can be shared, even from afar, as we strive to be the best guests in your daily routines.

Beyond the Game

The septennial convocation of savants deliberates on contemporaneous occurrences, dispatches, stratagems, and sequels in the pastime, accentuating personages such as Sophie Downey’s coiffure, Marva Kreel and Moyo Abiona’s liaison with Manchester United and Everton, Anita Asante’s stratagem acumen, and Chris Paouros’ ardor for equitability.

We’re quite conscious that there are a variety of individuals joining us, from those who have been following women’s football for a long time to others who are just getting started and learning about the history that makes it so great and inclusive. What makes us most proud is that we can reach you anywhere in the globe. It’s crucial that we share the passion of football, as you follow it in our nation and abroad and we learn about it in yours. For this reason, I also wish to spread the pod love.

Podcast Growth in Women’s Football

Two years ago, we subsisted as solitary amidst scant women’s soccer auditory programs. Presently, we vie amongst copious counterparts, embracing Counter Pressed, The Offside Rule, and The Women’s Soccer Exhibition, nurturing a propitious milieu for the augmentation of the sport.

I’m so thrilled to introduce this pod, and we will all succeed together as we expand and meet new audiences because the women’s football community is resilient and used to facing hardship. I gaze into my crystal ball and picture a future when women’s football is shelved again for many decades and the podcast pool drops to nil, with horrible predictions as this week’s topic for Women’s Football Weekl. Who wants to be involved in a £1 billion business with boring people? Thankfully, we never accurately foresee anything!

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