Bournemouth Triumphs Over Stoke: Solanke and Rothwell Secure Carabao Cup Victory


Bournemouth exhibited a commanding display at the Vitality Stadium, cruising to a 2-0 victory over Championship team Stoke in the Carabao Cup. This pivotal win, illuminated by the contributions of Dominic Solanke and Joe Rothwell, paves the way for Bournemouth to confront Liverpool in the impending fourth round.

Substantial Contributions

Dominic Solanke, who was introduced as a half-time substitute, broke the deadlock and was a crucial element in Bournemouth’s victory, scoring within six minutes of stepping onto the field. Subsequent to Solanke’s goal, Joe Rothwell sealed the win with a distinctive free-kick, expanding Bournemouth’s lead and ensuring progression into the next round of the tournament.

A Historic Moment

This triumph was notably historic for Bournemouth, marking their sixth entry into the fourth round in the past decade, a feat they have only achieved twice in their initial 54 attempts. The much-anticipated clash against Liverpool is scheduled for the week commencing October 30th.

Multiple Alterations

In light of their 3-1 loss to Brighton, Bournemouth underwent eight alterations, a strategy developed as they encountered three games within a seven-day span. Conversely, Stoke made six modifications after their defeat to Hull. This myriad of changes resulted in a first half characterized by inaccurate passes and heavy touches, eliciting frustration among the spectators.

A Game of Strategy and Skill

The game displayed a latent tension, with both teams exhibiting a lack of form initially. The first noteworthy shot didn’t occur until the 13th minute, delivered by Milos Kerkez, challenging Stoke’s goalkeeper Jack Bonham. The atmosphere turned electric during the last eight minutes of the first half as Bournemouth intensified the pressure, allowing Dango Ouattara to showcase an impressive flick to earn space in the box, though his subsequent attempt was thwarted.


Strategic Changes and Decisive Moments

Recognizing the need for revitalization, Bournemouth’s manager Andoni Iraola introduced regular players Solanke and Ryan Christie after the half-time. Solanke, the leading scorer, swiftly demonstrated his value, scoring with precision and control. Shortly after, Rothwell’s strategic free-kick from the left side consolidated Bournemouth’s lead, marking his first goal since his transition from Blackburn.

Riveting Encounters

The second half witnessed a series of notable moments, including Christie’s ambitious attempt from outside the box and Nathan Lowe’s acrobatic effort, both of which were efficiently countered by Stoke’s defense. Despite these high-octane moments, Stoke couldn’t maneuver a comeback, leaving Bournemouth to celebrate their well-deserved victory.

Minor Setback

Despite the triumphant ambiance, Bournemouth encountered a minor setback with Solanke’s premature withdrawal due to a knock, casting a shadow on their comprehensive victory.

Reflection and Forward Look

This match, brimming with strategic plays and pivotal moments, highlights Bournemouth’s resilience and adaptability. The synergy between the players, coupled with strategic interventions by the management, ensured a seamless victory against a challenging opponent. The upcoming confrontation with Liverpool is eagerly anticipated, promising a thrilling encounter between two formidable teams.

In Closing

Bournemouth’s journey in the Carabao Cup exemplifies their strategic evolution and resilience, setting the stage for exhilarating future encounters. This victory over Stoke, marked by decisive contributions and strategic mastery, exemplifies the spirit of competition and the relentless pursuit of excellence inherent in the sport.


  • Dominic Solanke and Joe Rothwell were the architects of Bournemouth’s victory, contributing decisive goals.
  • The match saw strategic substitutions and played in an atmosphere charged with anticipation and strategic brilliance.
  • Bournemouth now advances to face Liverpool in the fourth round, a much-anticipated fixture promising high-octane football action.
  • The match was a display of strategic prowess, with both teams exhibiting adaptability, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of victory.

This detailed account brings forth not just the scoreline but the essence, the strategic undercurrents, and the pulsating spirit of the beautiful game, highlighting the journey of Bournemouth as they carved their way through to a commendable victory.

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