Ancelotti Cautions Against Complacency Ahead of UCL Semifinal with Bayern

Ancelotti Cautions Against Complacency Ahead of UCL Semifinal with Bayern

MUNICH, Germany — Real Madrid’s coach Carlo Ancelotti has emphasized that his team will not underestimate Bayern Munich in their upcoming Champions League semifinal, despite Bayern’s struggles in their domestic league. He described the German club as “dangerous” before the first leg at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday.

Bayern Munich ended their longstanding hold on the Bundesliga title for the first time since 2012, a disappointing season that influenced the decision to dismiss coach Thomas Tuchel at the season’s close.

While Real Madrid is favored to advance to the Champions League final at Wembley, Ancelotti has cautioned his squad against complacency.

“We’re preparing to face a significant team with numerous strengths,” Ancelotti stated during a press conference on Monday.

“We are confident and believe in our capabilities, but we maintain a high level of respect for Bayern Munich. Their performance this season in the Bundesliga may not have been impressive, but their excellent showings in two matches against Arsenal underscore the quality of this club.”

Champions League Rivalry: Ancelotti and Tuchel Praise Opposing Strengths

“They are formidable in transitions, capable of adapting their style, and pose a significant threat. We must concentrate and aim to reach the final, as that is our objective.”

In a news conference held on Monday, Tuchel commented that Bayern would stand “no chance” if the match depended solely on the managerial experience of the two coaches.

At 64, Ancelotti boasts four Champions League victories and the record for the most matches managed in the tournament. Despite this, he quickly labeled his counterpart a “genius” when asked about Tuchel’s capabilities.

“The responsibility doesn’t lie with us, the coaches,” Ancelotti remarked. “It’s all about the players. They need to buy into the strategy and execute it on the field. Thomas Tuchel is an exceptional coach with a tactical brilliance. His teams are always impeccably prepared, and I hold immense respect for him.”

Real Madrid, after eliminating Manchester City, the defending champions, in the previous round, are now the favorites to extend their record to 15 Champions League titles.

When Federico Valverde was questioned about whether the competition seemed “easier” now that City was eliminated, he noted that Bayern’s rich history, including six titles, poses just as formidable a challenge as Pep Guardiola’s team.

“Every match in this competition is challenging,” stated Valverde.

Championship Ambitions and Respecting the Rivals

“All teams deserve respect, especially Bayern Munich. Just like Real Madrid, they consistently compete until the end. We hold them in the same esteem as we do Manchester City. We must deliver outstanding performances with the talent we possess and aim to win this title.

“We need to maintain belief and confidence across all team sections. Our goal is to reach the final, and that is what we are striving for.”

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