Ravi Shastri Advocates for Impact Player Rule in IPL 2024

Ravi Shastri Advocates for Impact Player Rule in IPL 2024

Former Indian coach Ravi Shastri has expressed strong support for the Impact Player rule during the IPL 2024, noting its significant contribution to thrilling game finishes. While the rule continues to stir debates, Shastri highlighted its effectiveness in enhancing the dynamic of cricket matches, similar to adaptations seen in other sports. “The Impact Player [rule] is good. You have to evolve with the times,” Shastri remarked during a conversation with Ravichandran Ashwin on his YouTube channel. He emphasized that the rule had led to several nail-biting finishes in the previous IPL season, underscoring the evolution of the game.

This rule permits teams to add a 12th player from a pre-selected list of five names declared at the toss, allowing for strategic substitutions based on the game’s circumstances. Despite some resistance from current players and coaches, Shastri believes the adoption of this rule will eventually be seen positively as it fosters more competitive and high-scoring matches.

Impact Player Rule in IPL 2024: BCCI Secretary Jay Shah Discusses Future

Jay Shah, the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has not committed to the permanent implementation of the Impact Player rule in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Shah stated that a decision would be made after consultations with team captains and coaches.

He underscored the significance of the rule, which allows two additional Indian players to participate in an IPL team’s playing XI. The Impact Player rule has sparked considerable debate throughout the IPL 2024. “The Impact Player is essentially a trial. We’ve introduced it gradually. The most significant benefit is that it gives two Indian players a chance in each game,” Shah explained at the BCCI headquarters in Mumbai.

The rule has also been linked to the high scores seen in IPL 2024. India’s captain Rohit Sharma expressed concerns that it might hinder the development of all-rounders. “Cricket should be played by 11, not 12 players. I believe this rule could restrict the growth of all-rounders,” he commented.

Despite the controversies, DC head coach Ricky Ponting believes the rule could enhance the spectacle of the games, though he personally finds it challenging. Mitchell Starc of Kolkata Knight Riders noted the rule’s negative impact on bowlers’ performances this season.

Analyzing the Impact Player Rule in Cricket Tournaments

“The Impact Player rule significantly alters the game dynamics. With this rule, teams can bat much deeper, essentially fielding both a batting and a bowling XI. This rule has been a focal point throughout the tournament, contributing to numerous high scores—a result of the pitch conditions and the venues where we play. When batters and batting all-rounders are positioned as late as Nos. 8 or 9, it creates an extensive batting lineup,” remarked Starc, who has experienced a high run rate of 11.37 so far.

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