2024 St. Louis Cardinals Season Overview

2024 St. Louis Cardinals Season Overview

In 2023, the St. Louis Cardinals faced an unusual downturn, marking their first losing season since 2007 and their worst since 1990, with over 90 losses. This performance is a departure from what both the team and its supporters, especially those from younger generations, are accustomed to. Consequently, there is a heightened expectation for the Cardinals to not just compete but to lead in the National League Central once again. Additionally, the team has not experienced consecutive losing seasons since 1958-59, excluding the partial seasons of 1994 and 1995. The 2024 season thus presents a critical juncture to avoid replicating this rare low point. Let’s delve into the prospects of the 2024 Cardinals as they seek to navigate this pivotal period.

Cardinals’ 2024 Season Overview

2023 NL Central Performance

  • Last in NL Central with 71-91 record.
  • SportsLine projects 85.5 wins in 2024 win total.
  • World Series odds at +3200.

The expected starting lineup includes Brendan Donovan as the DH, Paul Goldschmidt as the 1B, Nolan Gorman as the 2B, Nolan Arenado as the 3B, and Dylan Carlson as the CF.

2023 Offensive Analysis:

The Cardinals struggled with run scoring and on-base percentage last season, despite having the potential to score more runs. Despite poor sequencing and unfortunate performances, the team should finish in the top three next season. The lineup is susceptible to change as players recover from injury and Victor Scott II may be added.

Cardinals’ Rotation Update

The projected starting pitchers include Miles Mikolas as RHP, Kyle Gibson as RHP, Lance Lynn as RHP, Steven Matz as LHP, and Zach Thompson as LHP.

Rotation Changes:

Sonny Grey, a free agent, will lead the Cardinals’ rotation once healthy, potentially forcing Zack Thompson to move to the bullpen or Memphis. Performance measures from last season are no longer applicable due to significant changes. The team’s starting pitchers had an ERA of 5.08 and FIP of 4.61, placing them 22nd and 26th in MLB.

Cardinals Bullpen Overview

The bullpen lineup includes Ryan Helsley as the closer, Giovanny Gallegos, Andrew Kittredge, JoJo Romero as setup men, Andre Pallante, Riley O’Brien, Nick Robertson as middle relief, and Ryan Fernandez as long reliever.

Performance and Changes

The Cardinals’ bullpen struggled last season with a 4.47 ERA and 4.16 FIP, ranking twenty-third and eighteenth in the majors. The team plans to improve by adding young, talented relievers to provide depth and big strike potential. Despite uncertainty, this strategy has the potential to yield significant returns.

A Step Towards Competitiveness

The Cardinals have strengthened their rotation by signing experienced pitchers Kyle Gibson, Lance Lynn, and Sonny Grey, including Miles Mikolas. They have made significant improvements to their starting rotation, which had a 4.47 ERA last year. However, concerns about potential deterioration and injuries remain, especially with Steven Matz, the youngest member. Despite these challenges, the Cardinals remain hopeful.

Injury Concerns Cast Shadow Over Cardinals’ 2024 Season

St. Louis grapples with a disconcerting inception to 2024, distinguished by an anomalous escalation in maladies that diverges from their comparably equable antecedent annum. The Cardinals are contending with pronounced impediments, inclusive of Sonny Gray’s absentia from Opening Day owing to a hamstring affliction—a reference to his sporadic ailment history. Augmenting the apprehension, Lars Nootbaar, a paramount offensive contributor, contends with costal fractures that might preclude his participation at the season’s commencement, underlining his susceptibility to contusion injuries. Tommy Edman, anticipated as the foremost central outfielder, encounters postponements in recuperation from carpal surgery, absent a definitive resurgence schedule. Furthermore, Keynan Middleton, a pivotal bullpen enhancement, will forgo Opening Day due to a forearm tension. Additional athletes like Matz and Ryan Hesley bear notoriety for their vulnerability to injuries, and both Nolan Arenado and Gorman experienced considerable dorsal issues the preceding year, with Gorman’s complications notably tenacious. These afflictions loom as a substantial menace to the Cardinals’ aspirations for a resurgence season, accentuating the paramount influence health adversities could exert on their prowess..

Cardinals’ Path to Success

To ensure a successful season, the Cardinals are under significant pressure to capitalize on their pursuit of contention, amplified by manager Oli Marmol’s unexpected contract extension. Achieving a division title and progressing beyond the first playoff round for the first time since 2019 are critical milestones. Failure to meet these objectives may lead to considerations of a team rebuild and changes within the front office.

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