WNBA Semifinals Predictions: New York Liberty vs. Connecticut Sun

WNBA Semis: Decoding the Liberty-Sun Duel.

The stage is set for a thrilling contest as the New York Liberty and the Connecticut Sun face off in the next exciting chapter of the WNBA semifinals. Scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 1 at 3 p.m. ET, the game promises high-octane action at the renowned Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. While the information about the officiating crew remains undisclosed, one thing is certain: the ambiance of this best-of-five matchup, with the Liberty currently leading 2-1, will be electric.

Setting the Playoff Tone

As we approach the heart of the semifinals, a quick recap of the teams’ recent performances and their head-to-head encounters this season is essential to appreciate the intensity and stakes of this matchup.

Last Matches: New York Liberty

DateCompetitionHome TeamAway TeamResult
30.09.23WNBAConnecticut SunNew York Liberty81-92
27.09.23WNBANew York LibertyConnecticut Sun84-77
24.09.23WNBANew York LibertyConnecticut Sun63-78
20.09.23WNBANew York LibertyWashington Mystics W90-85
16.09.23WNBANew York LibertyWashington Mystics W90-75

Recent performances suggest that the New York Liberty have found their rhythm, winning three of their last five matches. Their recent victory over the Connecticut Sun boosts their confidence, signaling their intent to dominate the series.

Last Matches: Connecticut Sun

DateCompetitionHome TeamAway TeamResult
30.09.23WNBAConnecticut SunNew York Liberty81-92
27.09.23WNBANew York LibertyConnecticut Sun84-77
24.09.23WNBANew York LibertyConnecticut Sun63-78
21.09.23WNBAMinnesota Lynx WConnecticut Sun75-90
17.09.23WNBAConnecticut SunMinnesota Lynx W75-82

The Sun’s journey through the playoffs showcases their resilience, though they’ve faced a couple of tough losses against the Liberty. Their win against the Lynx emphasizes their potential to bounce back.

Head-to-Head Showdown: Liberty vs Sun

DateCompetitionHome TeamAway TeamResult
30.09.23WNBAConnecticut SunNew York Liberty81-92
27.09.23WNBANew York LibertyConnecticut Sun84-77
24.09.23WNBANew York LibertyConnecticut Sun63-78
02.09.23WNBANew York LibertyConnecticut Sun89-58
25.08.23WNBAConnecticut SunNew York Liberty90-95

Liberty seems to have an upper hand, winning most of their recent encounters against the Sun, signaling a potential advantage going into the next game.

Liberty vs. Sun: Who has the WNBA Semifinal edge.

Factors to Consider for the Matchup

  • Breanna Stewart’s Performance: After struggling in the initial games, Stewart returned to form with 25 points and 11 rebounds in Game 3. Her continued dominance will be crucial for the Liberty’s success.
  • The Liberty’s Recent Playoff History: They had a challenging draw in the first round, facing a formidable Washington Mystics team. Despite the challenge, they advanced, indicating their resilience and drive. This is their potential ticket to the Finals after almost two decades, adding more motivation to their gameplay.
  • The Sun’s Playoff Consistency: Despite losing a game in the first round, the Sun showcased their caliber by easily beating the Minnesota Lynx. Their record of reaching the semifinals for five consecutive seasons indicates their consistency and experience in such high-stakes games.
  • Jonquel Jones’ Dominance in the Paint: For the Liberty, Jones has been exceptional, especially in the series against the Mystics. Her ability to dominate the paint and exploit the Sun’s defensive weaknesses down low could be a game-changer. The Sun may not have an answer to Jones’ size and skills in the paint.
  • Alyssa Thomas’s Struggles against the Liberty: The Sun’s main player, Thomas, has faced challenges when playing against the Liberty, mainly due to the defensive prowess of Stewart and Jones. Her performance will be essential for the Sun, but her track record against the Liberty raises concerns.
  • The Interior Defense of Stewart and Jones: Both players are among the league’s best interior defenders. Their presence makes it challenging for opponents, especially those like Thomas, who predominantly operate inside the paint.
  • Liberty’s 3-Point Shooting Prowess: The Liberty’s historical 3-point shooting records this season are unparalleled. Their combination of volume and precision from beyond the arc has been a highlight. If they maintain this momentum, it could be a significant advantage.
  • Sun’s 3-Point Defensive & Offensive Stance: While more selective in their 3-point attempts, the Sun has been efficient. Their postseason performance has seen a remarkable increase in 3-point success. Moreover, their defensive stance against 3-point shots has been commendable. Their strategy against the Liberty’s 3-point prowess will be essential.
  • Momentum & Matchup: While the Sun has been a remarkable story this season, the matchup seems unfavorable for them, especially with Alyssa Thomas struggling against the Liberty’s defense. The Liberty, despite occasional lapses, has showcased superior team strength.

Decoding the Outcome

As the semifinal unfolds, the New York Liberty, with their recent performances and head-to-head advantage, seem to have the momentum. However, counting the Connecticut Sun out would be a mistake, given their resilience and past comeback performances. If Liberty maintains their shooting prowess and stays injury-free, they could edge the Sun in this encounter. Conversely, if the Sun’s defensive strategies click and they capitalize on any Liberty’s slip-ups, they could square the series. It’s a finely balanced contest, making it an enthralling watch.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeNew York Libertyin1.49
Total PointsOver 158.51.71

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