Shanghai Rolex Masters: Lorenzo Sonego vs Nicolas Jarry Predictions

Nicolas Jarry celebrating a point on the tennis court.

The Shanghai Rolex Masters is drawing attention worldwide, and one match that’s been eagerly anticipated is between Lorenzo Sonego and Nicolas Jarry. Scheduled for 09.10.2023 at 07:30 GMT+3 in Shanghai, the stakes have never been higher as they head into the 1/16-finals. This will be the third face-off between these two talents, with Sonego currently leading their head-to-head 2-0. As the tension mounts, all eyes will be on the court, though, unfortunately, the details of the adjudicating panel remain undisclosed at this moment.

Preparing for the Big Match-up

As we brace ourselves for this thrilling encounter, it’s vital to revisit recent performances. Both athletes have displayed commendable prowess in previous matches, and their individual stats provide crucial insights. Recollecting their last meetings and recent form will help set the stage for what’s to come.

Recent Matches: Lorenzo Sonego

08.10.23SHAShanghaiTiafoe F. vs Sonego L.1-2 W
05.10.23SHAShanghaiSekulic P. vs Sonego L.0-2 W
28.09.23BEIBeijingHumbert U. vs Sonego L.2-1 L
17.09.23DCDavis CupSonego L. vs Ymer E.2-0 W
15.09.23DCDavis CupSonego L. vs Jarry N.2-1 W

In a span of just a few weeks, Sonego’s prowess has been on full display. The Italian showcased his impeccable skills, clinching 3 victories out of 5 matches. His recent triumph over Tiafoe in Shanghai underlines his capability to handle pressure situations and adapt to different playing styles.

Recent Matches: Nicolas Jarry

07.10.23SHAShanghaiAtmane T. vs Jarry N.0-2 W
02.10.23BEIBeijingZverev A. vs Jarry N.2-1 L
30.09.23BEIBeijingArnaldi M. vs Jarry N.1-2 W
29.09.23BEIBeijingJarry N. vs Tsitsipas S.2-0 W
16.09.23DCDavis CupDiallo G. vs Jarry N.0-2 W

Nicolas Jarry’s momentum has been remarkable. Winning 4 out of the last 5 matches, Jarry’s recent form indicates his readiness for the impending duel. His victory against Tsitsipas is particularly noteworthy, highlighting his strategic gameplay and tenacity.

Head-to-Head: Sonego vs Jarry

15.09.23DCSonego L. vs Jarry N.2-1
11.02.19BUEJarry N. vs Sonego L.1-2

The past encounters between these two have consistently leaned in Sonego’s favor. Their recent meeting at the Davis Cup saw Sonego clinching the victory after a tough fight.

Dynamic shot of Lorenzo Sonego competing in a tournament.

Key Points to Note

  • Head-to-Head Record: Lorenzo Sonego currently leads the head-to-head record with a 2-0 advantage over Nicolas Jarry.
  • Previous Shanghai Rolex Masters Performance: In 2019, Sonego reached the First round, losing to Gael Monfils, whereas Jarry made the Q1 round, losing to Bradley Klahn.
  • Recent Face-off: The two last faced each other at the Davis Cup, Group A, Bologna in 2023 where Sonego emerged victorious with a scoreline of 3-6, 7-5, 6-4. In that match, Sonego showcased a dominant first serve percentage of 79%.
  • Career Titles & Rankings: Lorenzo Sonego has clinched 9 titles in his career, with his highest ranking being 21 in 2022. On the other hand, Nicolas Jarry boasts of 17 titles, with his career-best ranking of 22 achieved in 2023.
  • Overall Career Stats: Both players have closely matched point win percentages, with Sonego winning 51% of the total points he’s played, while Jarry has also secured 51%. However, in tiebreak situations, Jarry has a slight edge with a 54% win rate compared to Sonego’s 52%.
  • Recent Tournament Victories: Sonego’s latest title was at the Moselle Open – Metz in 2022, whereas Jarry tasted his most recent success at the Gonet Geneva Open – Geneva in 2023.
  • Recent Match Form: Considering the last 10 matches, Sonego has a win rate of 60% (6 wins), while Jarry slightly outperforms him with a 70% win rate (7 wins).
  • Major Career Victories: Sonego’s notable wins include victories over top-ranked players such as Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem. In contrast, Jarry has defeated high-ranked players like Alexander Zverev and Casper Ruud.
  • Best Annual Performance: Sonego’s most successful year in terms of wins was 2015 with a 65% win-loss record. For Jarry, it was 2016 where he held a win-loss record of 67%.

Match Outcome Predictions: Sonego vs Jarry

As we draw closer to the match, it’s evident that both players bring unique strengths to the table. Sonego’s past success against Jarry coupled with his stable gameplay might seem like an advantage. However, Jarry’s recent form and impressive victories against higher-ranked players demonstrate that he’s in top form. Given Jarry’s surge and ranking advantage, he might just have a slight edge over Sonego in the upcoming face-off.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeNicolas Jarry Win1.85
Total Sets PlayedOver 2.52.25
Total Games PlayedOver 21.51.43

In conclusion, while both players showcase immense talent, Jarry’s recent form gives him a minor edge. Place your bets wisely and consider using BC Game for the best odds and a seamless betting experience.

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