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Sharks vs Flames: Expert Picks, Odds, and NHL Betting Tips for April 10.

The NHL season continues to deliver exciting matchups, and the upcoming clash between the San Jose Sharks and the Calgary Flames is no exception. Set to take place on April 10, 2024, at 02:30 GMT+0, this game promises to be a thrilling encounter. The venue for this battle is the SAP Center in San Jose, CA, a place known for its vibrant atmosphere and passionate fans. As part of the USA’s NHL, this game is a crucial part of the teams’ journeys through the season, although details on the referees for the match are yet to be announced. This stage of the tournament is where every point starts to count significantly towards the playoffs, making this match a must-watch.

Essential Betting Tips to Consider

As we gear up for the San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames prediction today, it’s vital to consider the teams’ recent performances and their head-to-head history. Both teams have shown varying degrees of form leading up to this match, which will undoubtedly influence the outcome. The Sharks have struggled throughout the season, while the Flames have experienced a mix of results. However, historical matchups have often been closely contested, indicating that this game could go either way. Let’s dive deeper into their recent games and head-to-head results to provide a well-rounded prediction.

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Recent Form of San Jose Sharks

The Sharks’ season has been less than ideal, with a series of challenging games. Here’s how they’ve fared in their last five matches:

07.04.2024NHLSan Jose Sharks vs Arizona Coyotes2-5L
06.04.2024NHLSan Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues3-2 (2-2)D/W
05.04.2024NHLSan Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings1-2L
02.04.2024NHLSan Jose Sharks vs Seattle Kraken2-4L
30.03.2024NHLSt. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks0-4W

Observing the Sharks’ recent outings, it’s clear that consistency has been their Achilles’ heel. Despite a couple of wins, their losses, especially the heavy defeats, highlight a struggling offense and a defense that has been too generous. This inconsistency could be a significant factor in their upcoming game.

Recent Form of Calgary Flames

The Flames, on the other hand, have had their share of ups and downs. Here’s a snapshot of their last five games:

07.04.2024NHLCalgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers2-4L
05.04.2024NHLWinnipeg Jets vs Calgary Flames5-2L
03.04.2024NHLCalgary Flames vs Anaheim Ducks3-5L
31.03.2024NHLCalgary Flames vs Los Angeles Kings4-2W
28.03.2024NHLSt. Louis Blues vs Calgary Flames5-3L

The Flames’ pattern reveals a struggle to maintain form, with three consecutive losses casting a shadow over their recent victory. Like the Sharks, the Flames need to find a balance between their attacking plays and defensive strategies to ensure success in the upcoming match.

Head-to-Head: San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames

The history between these two teams provides insight into their competitive nature:

16.02.2024NHLCalgary Flames vs San Jose Sharks3-6
13.04.2023NHLCalgary Flames vs San Jose Sharks3-1
25.03.2023NHLCalgary Flames vs San Jose Sharks5-3
21.12.2022NHLSan Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames3-7
19.12.2022NHLSan Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames2-5

Reviewing their recent matchups, the Flames seem to have had the upper hand, winning three out of the last five encounters. This dominance could play a psychological role in the upcoming game.

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Player Availability: San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames

When preparing for the upcoming NHL match between the San Jose Sharks and the Calgary Flames, it’s crucial to consider the player rosters and who might not be available due to injuries or other reasons. Here’s a breakdown of the players who will not be participating in the match and those whose participation is questionable.


San Jose Sharks

  • Alexander Barabanov (Lower-Body Injury)
  • Matt Benning (Surgery)
  • Logan Couture (Groin Injury)
  • Ty Emberson (Lower-Body Injury)
  • Klim Kostin (Illness)
  • Vitek Vanecek (Lower-Body Injury)

Calgary Flames

  • Dillon Dube (Personal Reasons)
  • Dan Vladar (Hip Injury)


Calgary Flames

  • Joel Hanley (Injury)
  • Oliver Kylington (Arm Injury)
  • Andrew Mangiapane (Injury)

The availability of these players could significantly impact the game’s dynamics and strategy for both teams. For the San Jose Sharks, the absence of key players such as Logan Couture, who is crucial for their offensive plays, and Vitek Vanecek, a vital part of their defense, might pose challenges in finding the right balance and effectiveness on the ice.

On the Calgary Flames side, Dillon Dube’s absence for personal reasons and Dan Vladar’s injury remove critical elements from their lineup. The question marks over Joel Hanley, Oliver Kylington, and Andrew Mangiapane further complicate the Flames’ preparations, potentially affecting their defensive solidity and offensive options.

These absences and uncertainties should be carefully considered by fans and bettors alike, as they could influence the match’s outcome. The adjustments made by both teams in response to these player availabilities will be key to their performance in this highly anticipated NHL clash.

Key Factors to Consider

Before making our final prediction, let’s examine some critical aspects:

  • The Sharks’ defense has been particularly vulnerable this season;
  • Calgary’s ability to score in away games is slightly better than at home;
  • Both teams have players with the potential to change the game’s outcome, but they’ve struggled with consistency;
  • Recent losses may affect the Flames’ confidence, while the Sharks might see this game as an opportunity to turn their fortunes;
  • Injuries can play a significant role, but specific details on player availability are currently unclear;
  • The psychological advantage could be with Calgary, given their superior head-to-head record;
  • Both teams have struggled with maintaining a consistent form;
  • Scandals or off-ice issues have not significantly impacted either team this season.
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Free Tips on San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames

For those looking to get an edge in their betting strategy for the NHL clash between the San Jose Sharks and the Calgary Flames, it’s essential to dive deeper than the surface-level statistics and standings. Here are some free tips that take into account the current dynamics of both teams, which could influence the game’s outcome:

  • Look at Special Teams Performance: Special teams often make the difference in tightly contested NHL games. Examine both teams’ power play and penalty kill percentages in recent games for potential betting angles.
  • Goalie Matchups: The starting goaltender can significantly impact the game’s outcome. Research the goalies for each team, considering their recent performance, save percentage, and historical success against the opponent.
  • Home vs. Away Performance: While the SAP Center is the venue, assess how both teams perform at home versus on the road. The Sharks may benefit from the home-ice advantage, which can be crucial in close matches.
  • Fatigue and Schedule: The NHL schedule is grueling, and back-to-back games or a busy week can lead to tired legs. Look at the game schedule leading up to this match for both teams, which could affect their performance.
  • Line Shifts and Team Dynamics: Any recent changes in lines or team dynamics can provide insights. Teams adjusting their lines might find new synergies or struggle to find their rhythm.
  • Seasonal Trends: How do these teams typically perform at this stage of the season? Some teams ramp up towards the playoffs, while others may falter under pressure.
  • Faceoff Success Rate: Winning faceoffs can control the game’s pace and possession. Look into which team has been more dominant in the faceoff circle.
  • Third-Period Performance: How teams perform in the third period can indicate their conditioning and ability to close out games. A team that consistently wins or loses in the final period may show patterns beneficial for betting.

Leveraging these tips, along with the previously discussed key factors, provides a comprehensive view that can help guide betting decisions. Remember, no outcome is guaranteed in sports betting, but informed decisions based on thorough analysis can significantly improve your chances of success.

San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames Match Prediction 2024

Given the teams’ recent forms, head-to-head record, and considering the San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames odds, this match leans towards a low-scoring affair, with both teams struggling to find the back of the net consistently. The Flames, despite their recent losses, appear slightly better positioned to secure a win, mainly due to their slightly superior offensive and defensive stats compared to the Sharks.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Calgary Flames totalUnder(3.5)1.8

In conclusion, this match presents a compelling case for a cautious approach. Betting on a low-scoring game and a win for the Calgary Flames seems prudent. You can place your bet on the San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames match at, taking advantage of competitive odds and comprehensive betting options.

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