EUROLEAGUE Round 3: Olimpia Milano vs Olympiacos Predictions

Olimpia Milano players warming up before the game.

The city of Milan is set to witness another exhilarating round of Euroleague basketball as Olimpia Milano hosts Olympiacos on 17th October 2023 at 21:45 GMT+3. The iconic Mediolanum Forum will be filled with fans cheering for their teams. As we head into Round 3 of this electrifying championship, the question remains: Which of these titans will reign supreme?

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Before diving deep into the latest matches and the past face-offs of these two basketball giants, let’s prepare ourselves with some valuable insights. History, recent form, and unexpected injuries have always played pivotal roles in deciding outcomes, making this matchup even more intriguing.

Recent Matches – Olimpia Milano

Olimpia Milano, despite their ambitions and investments, has found the going tough recently. Their performance chart offers a mixed bag:

14.10.23LAHomeOlimpia Milano vs Reggiana79-68
08.10.23LAAwayBasket Napoli vs Olimpia Milano77-68
06.10.23EURAwayFenerbahce vs Olimpia Milano85-82
01.10.23LAHomeOlimpia Milano vs Treviso86-80
23.09.23LAHomeOlimpia Milano vs Virtus Bologna73-78

Olimpia’s recent struggles, especially their unexpected loss to Napoli and their narrow win against Reggiana, are concerning. Their defeat against Fenerbahce, even with Mirotic’s brilliant performance, raises questions about their consistency.

Recent Matches – Olympiacos

Olympiacos, with its storied legacy, continues to be a formidable force in European basketball. Their recent games provide insights:

15.10.23BLHomeOlympiacos vs AEK Athens79-71
13.10.23EURHomeOlympiacos vs Barcelona68-77
08.10.23BLAwayAris vs Olympiacos72-81
06.10.23EURAwayPanathinaikos vs Olympiacos78-88
30.09.23SCHomeOlympiacos vs Panathinaikos75-51

Their defeat against Barcelona and their spectacular victory against AEK Athens shows their fighting spirit. The team’s versatility, even with key player injuries, is noteworthy.

Head-to-Head: Olimpia Milano vs Olympiacos

17.09.23Olympiacos vs Olimpia Milano50-57
15.09.23Olympiacos vs Olimpia Milano60-57
03.03.23Olimpia Milano vs Olympiacos83-62
06.01.23Olympiacos vs Olimpia Milano82-66
24.02.22Olympiacos vs Olimpia Milano67-58

Historically, these teams are neck-and-neck. While Olimpia Milano had an upper hand in the recent face-off, Olympiacos has shown they can dominate against the Milan side.

Euroleague's Showdown: Milano vs Olympiacos Predictions.

Critical Factors to Consider

  • Olimpia Milano’s inconsistency in performance: Despite their significant investments for the season, Olimpia Milano’s start hasn’t been promising. Losses to Fenerbahce in the Euroleague and Napoli in the domestic championship highlight their inconsistent form. Even the brilliance of Nikola Mirotic, who notched up 27 points and 11 rebounds against Fenerbahce, couldn’t steer them to victory. Only Voigtmann performed on par in that match, pointing towards the team’s heavy reliance on a few key players.
  • The impact of key injuries, notably Olimpia’s Lo and Baron: Milano’s game organization suffers with the absence of Lo, who is out injured. Similarly, they will miss the sharpshooting skills of Billy Baron in the upcoming match. These key players’ unavailability can hinder Milano’s ability to maintain offensive pressure and game control.
  • Olympiacos’ solid defense against long-range shots: Historically, Olympiacos is known for its solid defense. Their capacity to limit opponents, even powerful teams like Barcelona, to a modest scoreline, emphasizes their defensive prowess. Milano’s struggles with long-distance shots can be further exacerbated by Olympiacos’s tight defense.
  • Recent form and momentum of both teams: While Olimpia Milano is coming off mixed results, Olympiacos has showcased more consistent performance, despite the tight loss to Barcelona. Their victory against Panathinaikos underlines their capability to handle pressure and big-game situations.
  • The prowess of Olympiacos’ Walkup in pressuring Milano defenders: Walkup has emerged as the key player for Olympiacos, not only in terms of scoring but also in exerting defensive pressure. His ability to challenge and pressure Milano’s defenders can be a pivotal factor in the upcoming match. Walkup’s influence on the game will be substantial.
  • The comeback of Olympiacos’ Fall from injury: Fall’s return from injury can bolster Olympiacos’s defensive structure. His presence in the paint can make it challenging for Olimpia Milano to score easily, further adding to their offensive woes.
  • Milano’s home advantage and the crowd factor: Playing at the Mediolanum Forum, Milano will have the backing of their home crowd. This can provide a morale boost, aiding them in turning around difficult situations during the match, as witnessed in their game against Reggio Emilia.
  • The weight of recent successes and failures on team morale: Olimpia Milano’s recent turnaround against Reggio Emilia can serve as a morale booster, while their losses can weigh them down. On the other hand, Olympiacos, being a consistent performer last season and starting strong this season, can enter the game with higher confidence levels.

Match Outlook and Predictions

As the stage is set for this Euroleague classic, the scales slightly tilt in favor of Olympiacos, despite Olimpia Milano’s home advantage. Olympiacos’ sheer resilience, combined with their current form, make them a worthy contender. On the other hand, Olimpia Milano’s recent inconsistent performances could make them vulnerable. However, with the weight of the home crowd behind them, they can never be underestimated.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match WinnerOlympiacos2.14
Total Points Over/UnderOver 149,51.65

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