Echargui M. vs Hong S. C. Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – ATP Italian Open

Moes and Seong Chan Hong are set to clash in a thrilling showdown at Court 2 Stadium, Taipei, Chinese Taipei, as part of the Taipei Tournament. The highly anticipated match is scheduled for May 14, 2024, kicking off at 05:00 GMT +0.

The head-to-head history between Moes and Seong Chan Hong adds intrigue to this encounter, with both players aiming to secure victory. Stay tuned for live match results and detailed statistics once the action unfolds. Who will emerge triumphant in this Moes vs Seong Chan Hong battle? Let’s delve into their career trajectories, recent performances, and past confrontations to provide you with our prediction and pick. Keep an eye on this page for updates as the match progresses, along with highlights to catch the key moments of the game.

Betting Tips For Echargui M. vs Hong S. C.

Echargui M., who has recently returned to good form, has become a force to be reckoned with, displaying impeccable agility and a powerful arsenal of strikes.

However, standing in their way is veteran campaigner Hong S.C. With a wealth of experience gained from years of competitive play, Hong S.C. boasts a solid reputation as a skilled tactician.

Will Echarga M.’s youthful energy and aggression prove too much for Hong SC, or will the latter’s seasoned savvy and strategic acumen lead to victory?

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Recent Matches Of ECHARGUI M.

Moes Echargui’s recent matches showcase his unwavering determination and steady performance on the court. Known for his aggressive style of play and tactical prowess, Echargui has consistently displayed a high level of skill in his recent bouts. With each match, he demonstrates his ability to adapt to different opponents and situations, keeping his fans on the edge of their seats. As the upcoming competition approaches, Echargui’s strong performances in recent weeks have instilled confidence among his supporters, who eagerly anticipate his next appearance on the tennis court.

DataCompetitionMatch upResultOutcome
09.05.24WUXWu Tung-LinVS Echargui M.2:0L
07.05.24WUXEchargui M. VSBai Y.2:0W
29.04.24WUXNoguchi R. VSEchargui M.2:1W
28.04.24WUXTrotter J. K. VSEchargui M.0:2W
22.04.24WUXEchargui M.Ellis B.1:2L

Recent Matches Of HONG S. C.

In recent matches, Seong Chan Hong has showcased remarkable professionalism and exceptional skill on the tennis court. Renowned for his strategic acumen and confident demeanor, Hong’s performances have been marked by calculated decisions and assertive play. As a seasoned professional, Hong’s presence in major tournaments underscores his status in the tennis world, while his relentless pursuit of excellence speaks volumes about his ambition and dedication to success. With each match, Hong continues to raise the bar, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to reaching new heights in his career.

DataCompetitionMatch upResultOutcome
08.05.24WUXWu Tung-LinVS Echargui M.2:1L
06.05.24WUXEchargui M. VSBai Y.0:2W
18.04.24GWANoguchi R. VSEchargui M.0:2L
16.04.24GWATrotter J. K. VSEchargui M.0:2W
14.04.24GWAEchargui M.Ellis B.2:0L

Head-To-Head Echargui M. vs Hong S. C.

Seong Chan Hong demonstrated exceptional form in the recent matches against Moes Echargui, emerging victorious in both encounters. His commanding performances on the court showcased his skill and determination. With two consecutive wins, Hong solidified his position as a formidable opponent in the tennis circuit. Echargui, on the other hand, faced tough challenges but showed resilience despite the defeats.

DataCompetitionMatch upResult
21.04.23TALEchargui M. VSHong S. C.1:2
03.07.21MONEchargui M. VSHong S. C.0:2
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Key Match Insights For Echargui M. vs Hong S. C.

  • Both Echargui, Moes and Seong Chan Hong have shown moments of brilliance in recent matches;
  • Echargui, Moes may need to focus on improving their consistency to overcome the strong form of Seong Chan Hong;
  • Seong Chan Hong’s winning streak suggests they enter the match with confidence and momentum.
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Free Tips on Echargui M. vs Hong S. C.

  • Returning statistics show that in their recent matches, Echargui won 52.03% of points against his opponent’s second serve, while Hong won 51.15%. Similarly, their statistics for returning first serves are 35.14% and 31.08%, respectively, also correlating strongly with match prediction;
  • Under pressure, Echargui has saved 56.16% of break points in his recent form, while Hong has saved 63.6%, providing valuable insight for betting predictions;
  • Reviewing their results over the past year, Echargui has won 50% of his matches (30 wins out of 60), while Hong has won 49.25% (33 wins out of 67), giving an overall prediction overview for their head-to-head encounters;
  • Looking at their performance on different surfaces, Echargui has the best win percentage on hard courts in his career, with 63% wins (175 wins out of 277), while Hong’s best win percentage is on hard courts as well, with 66% wins (214 wins out of 324);
  • In terms of their player level, Echargui has predominantly played at Challenger/ITF $10,000 level tournaments in the past year, winning 50.88% of his matches, while Hong has played mostly at Challenger/ITF tournaments above $10,000, winning 54.72% of his matches. The level of tournament they play in heavily influences predictions;
  • In their direct head-to-head matches, they have played twice before, with Echargui failing to win either time. They’ve played a total of five sets, with Echargui winning one and Hong winning four. Their last encounter was at the Tallahassee Challenger on April 21, 2023, where Hong emerged victorious with a score of 6-4, 2-6, 6-1.

Match Prediction 2024: Echargui, Moes vs Seong Chan Hong

The upcoming match between Moes Echargui and Seong Chan Hong promises to be an intense battle on the tennis court. Echargui’s unwavering determination and tactical prowess make him a formidable opponent, while Hong’s remarkable professionalism and recent victories highlight his exceptional skill.

Considering the recent performances and head-to-head history, Seong Chan Hong holds a slight advantage going into the match. However, Echargui, Moes cannot be underestimated and is expected to put up a strong fight. The match is likely to be closely contested, with Seong Chan Hong ultimately securing the victory.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeSeong Chan Hong win2.05

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