Cholet vs Paris – Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – LNB Playoffs Semifinals

LNB Playoffs Semifinals: Cholet vs Paris Betting Guide.

The upcoming basketball showdown between Cholet and Paris on May 18 at 18:00 GMT at the La Meilleraie arena promises to be a thrilling contest. For Cholet, this game presents a crucial opportunity to reinforce their position in the league standings, while Paris aims to maintain their recent winning streak and gather essential points for their postseason goals. With both teams prepared to put forth their best effort, fans can anticipate an electrifying match full of strategic plays and intense competition.


With the highly anticipated basketball clash between Cholet and Paris on the horizon, it’s crucial to analyze the recent performances of both teams and their head-to-head encounters. Cholet faces off against Paris, a team that has demonstrated strong form in their recent games. Will Cholet rise to the occasion and secure a significant victory, or will Paris continue their winning streak and strengthen their standing? This upcoming showdown promises to test the resilience and strategy of both squads as they battle for dominance on the court.

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Cholet has shown solid performance in their recent games, winning three out of their last five matches. This streak highlights their capability to compete effectively and secure crucial victories. Their consistent performance is a positive indicator of their current form and strategy execution. Despite facing challenges in two matches, Cholet has demonstrated resilience and skill on the court.

DataCompetitionMatch upResultOutcome
15.05.24LBNParis vs Cholet81:91W
11.05.24LBNCholet vs Chalon/Saone84:77W
05.05.24LBNMonaco vs Cholet66:79W
30.04.24LBNCholet vs Dijon79:88L
24.04.24LBNParis vs Cholet92:90L


Paris has been in excellent form recently, winning four of their last five matches. However, their strong run was interrupted by a loss in their most recent game against Cholet. This defeat highlights a potential area for improvement as they prepare for their upcoming matches. Despite this setback, Paris remains a formidable team with a proven track record of success in recent games.

DataCompetitionMatch upResultOutcome
15.05.24LBNParis vs Cholet81:91L
11.05.24LBNLe Portel vs Paris66:80W
04.05.24LBNParis vs Roanne90:61W
30.04.24LBNChalon/Saone vs Paris73:84W
28.04.24LBNParis vs JL Bourg84:80W


DataCompetitionMatch upResult
15.05.24LBNParis vs Cholet81:91
24.04.24LBNParis vs Cholet92:90
12.11.23LBNCholet vs Paris70:77
25.03.23LBNCholet vs Paris63:79
29.10.22LBNParis vs Cholet66:75
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Cholet vs Paris starting lineups

In the upcoming matchup between Cholet and Paris, both teams are set to field their top players. Cholet will be led by TJ Campbell and Enzo Goudou-Sinha in the backcourt, with Vafessa Fofana and Yoan Makoundou providing strength at the forward positions. Justin Patton will anchor the team as the center. On the other hand, Paris will rely on the dynamic backcourt duo of Tyrone Wallace and Kyle Allman Jr. Aamir Simms and Dustin Sleva will support them in the forward roles, while Ismael Kamagate will be key in the center position. With such lineups, both teams aim to secure a decisive win in this highly anticipated match.

Cholet PlayersPositionParis PlayersPosition
TJ CampbellPoint GuardTyrone WallacePoint Guard
Enzo Goudou-SinhaShooting GuardKyle Allman Jr.Shooting Guard
Vafessa FofanaSmall ForwardAamir SimmsSmall Forward
Yoan MakoundouPower ForwardDustin SlevaPower Forward
Justin PattonCenterIsmael KamagateCenter

Players Unavailable Cholet vs Paris

Paris will face challenges in the upcoming match as they will be missing key players Nadir Heaphy, TJ Shorts, and Michael Kessens. Their absence is significant, impacting both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the team. Cholet will also be affected, as Gerald Ayayi has been ruled out for the next match. The coaching staff for both teams will need to make strategic adjustments to account for these key absences and maintain their competitiveness in the game.

ParisNadir Hifiruled out
ParisTJ Shortsruled out
ParisMichael Kessensruled out
CholetGerald Ayayiruled out

Key Points to Consider for Cholet vs Paris Match

  • Player Absences and Availability: It’s essential to check for any injuries or suspensions that may affect the lineups for both Cholet and Paris. The absence of key players like Nadir Heaphy, TJ Shorts, Michael Kessens for Paris, and Gerald Ayayi for Cholet could significantly impact team strategies and overall performance on the court;
  • Current Form and Recent Performance: Evaluate the recent performance of Cholet and Paris by considering their latest victories, defeats, and overall momentum heading into the match. Recent form can provide valuable insights into each team’s confidence and readiness;
  • Historical Matchups: Analyzing the historical encounters between Cholet and Paris can offer valuable insights. Understanding the outcomes and dynamics of their previous meetings may help predict potential strategies and results for the upcoming game;
  • Off-Court Issues: Stay updated on any recent off-court issues or controversies involving the teams. Distractions from scandals or internal conflicts can affect player focus and team cohesion, potentially influencing the game’s outcome.

These factors should be carefully analyzed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Cholet vs Paris matchup and to make informed predictions.

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Free Tips on Cholet vs Paris

For those looking to make informed bets on the Cholet vs Paris basketball match, here are some valuable tips based on key insights and statistics. These tips will help you understand the dynamics of the game and improve your chances of making successful bets.

  • Examine Team Form: Assess the recent performance of both teams. Cholet has won 3 of their last 5 matches, while Paris has been in excellent form, winning 4 out of 5. Teams on a winning streak usually enter games with higher confidence, which can significantly impact their performance;
  • Check Head-to-Head Statistics: Analyzing previous encounters between Cholet and Paris can provide valuable insights. Historically, some teams perform better against specific opponents. Review past match results to gauge which team has the upper hand in their rivalry;
  • Evaluate Player Availability: Injuries and suspensions can drastically alter the outcome of a game. For instance, Paris will be missing Nadir Heaphy, TJ Shorts, and Michael Kessens, while Cholet will be without Gerald Ayayi. Always verify the latest team news before placing your bets;
  • Home vs. Away Performance: Consider how each team performs in different settings. Home-court advantage often plays a crucial role. Analyze whether Cholet or Paris tends to perform better at home or on the road to understand the potential impact on the game’s outcome;
  • Review Recent Schedule: Teams with a congested fixture list might suffer from fatigue, leading to poorer performances. Check the recent schedule of both teams to see if they have been involved in numerous games recently, which could affect their stamina and overall performance.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can make more informed decisions and improve your betting strategy for the Cholet vs Paris matchup. Remember, staying updated with the latest information and team news is crucial for successful betting.

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Match prediction: Cholet vs Paris

As the highly anticipated match between Cholet and PSG approaches, it is vital to analyze a few key factors to predict the likely outcome. Cholet has shown commendable form of late, winning three of their last five matches. Their tenacity and tactical execution made them a formidable opponent, especially on home ground. The Parisians, on the other hand, have been in excellent form, winning four of their last five games, showing their strength and consistency.

Cholet’s strategy will likely focus on exploiting home advantage and exploiting the gaps left by PSG’s missing players. The coaching staff’s ability to adapt and make tactical adjustments will be critical. On the other hand, Paris will have to rely on their depth and the resilience of their remaining players to maintain their winning momentum.

Taking these factors into account, the likely outcome of the Cholet-Paris match is leaning towards Cholet winning. Their recent form, combined with home ground advantage and the absence of PSG players, gives them a slight advantage. Cholet’s odds against Paris reflect a tight game, but Cholet’s situational advantages could prove decisive.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Winner (including overtime)Cholet2.7

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