China Open WTA Predictions: Jelena Ostapenko vs Liudmila Samsonova Showdown

Tennis pro Jelena Ostapenko moments before serving the ball.

The electric atmosphere of the China Open WTA is set to get more intensified as 13th seed Jelena Ostapenko prepares to clash against the unseeded Liudmila Samsonova. This captivating duel is slated for 06.10.2023, 11:00 GMT+3 in the esteemed courts of the China Open. While the referee details remain under wraps, the victor of this scintillating quarterfinal battle will move forward to challenge either Elena Rybakina, Aryna Sabalenka, or Jasmine Paolini.

A Closer Look into Their Recent Form

As tennis enthusiasts, it’s crucial to delve deep into recent performances to gauge a player’s momentum and form. Recent matches can provide insights into physical fitness, mental toughness, and adaptation to different courts and opponents.

Ostapenko’s Recent Showings

04.10.23BEIChinaPegula J.2-0 W
02.10.23BEIChinaNoskova L.W
01.10.23BEIChinaLys E.2-1 W
20.09.23GUAGUAKenin S.2-0 L
20.09.23GUAGUAKostyuk M.2-0 W

Ostapenko has shown impressive form recently. With three wins in her last five outings, her confidence is surging. Her victory over the fourth seed Pegula in straight sets underlines her capabilities and dominance.

Samsonova’s Previous Matches

04.10.23BEIChinaKostyuk M.2-1 W
02.10.23BEIChinaKvitova P.2-0 W
01.10.23BEIChinaParks A.2-0 W
27.09.23TOKJapanAlexandrova E.2-0 L
25.09.23TOKJapanMaria T.2-0 W

Despite a recent loss, Samsonova’s performance remains commendable. Securing four victories in her latest five encounters, including a solid win against Kvitova, Samsonova is geared up to make her mark.

Ostapenko vs Samsonova: Past Encounters

29.04.23Samsonova L. vs Ostapenko J.2-0
18.09.21Samsonova L. vs Ostapenko J.0-2
21.01.20Samsonova L. vs Ostapenko J.0-2

Ostapenko holds an advantage in head-to-head encounters, winning two out of the three previous bouts.

Liudmila Samsonova with a joyous expression after a successful play.

Key Points to Ponder

  • Samsonova’s Form: Despite showing promise this year, Liudmila Samsonova has faced a few stumbles. Losing four out of her last 10 matches indicates some inconsistencies in her recent game.
  • Head-to-Head Advantage for Ostapenko: In the three occasions where Ostapenko and Samsonova have faced each other, Ostapenko came out victorious twice, hinting at her psychological advantage and adaptability against Samsonova’s playing style.
  • Dominance on Hard Courts: The only time Ostapenko and Samsonova played against each other on hard courts, Ostapenko emerged as the victor. Given that China Open is also on hard courts, this past experience might tip the scales in Ostapenko’s favor.
  • Ostapenko’s Impressive Streak: Recent form is crucial when predicting match outcomes. Ostapenko’s magnificent run of seven wins in her last ten matches indicates she is in a groove and possesses the momentum coming into this match.
  • Mastery on Hard Courts by Ostapenko: With a whopping 21 victories out of 36 in 2023 being on hard courts, Ostapenko has displayed her comfort and prowess on this surface. This could be a key determinant in the upcoming match.
  • Samsonova’s Previous Win on Clay: Though Samsonova managed to best Ostapenko in their last meeting, it’s worth noting that this win was on clay in Madrid. The dynamics on hard courts, as we’ve seen, can be different.
  • Samsonova’s Debut in Beijing: The China Open is uncharted territory for Samsonova. Being her debut in Beijing, she might face additional pressure, though her current year’s performance (30 wins out of 51 matches) is commendable.
  • Rising Rankings: Both players have recently improved their rankings. Ostapenko moved up three places to 14th after her third-round win, while Samsonova’s victory over Kostyuk elevated her two spots to 20th.

Match Outcome Insights: Ostapenko vs Samsonova

Given their recent form, Ostapenko appears to be in a slightly advantageous position. Having defeated top-seeded players and boasting a superior head-to-head record against Samsonova, she might have the edge. However, with Samsonova’s recent run and her last win against Ostapenko, it’s gearing up to be a thrilling contest.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeJelena Ostapenko wins2.0
First Set WinnerJelena Ostapenko1.95

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