Chengdu Open Quarter-finals: Jordan Thompson vs Roman Safiullin Predictions

Close-up of Jordan Thompson focused during a game.

The quarter-finals of the Chengdu Open, scheduled to be played on hard court, features an intriguing contest between Jordan Thompson and Roman Safiullin. Set for 24.09.2023 at 08:00 (GMT+3), this match-up promises a fierce contest as both players vie for a spot in the semifinals. Though information about the officiating umpires has not been mentioned, it’s the third time these two players are going head-to-head, with their current series tied at 1-1.

Setting the Stage for an Intense Showdown

In anticipation of this pivotal match, it’s essential to glance back at their recent performances, understanding their form and noting their past encounters. This retrospective will pave the way for a more informed prediction, shedding light on who might come out on top.

Recent Matches: Jordan Thompson

22.09.23CHENJordan Thompson – Lajovic D.2:1 (W)
21.09.23CHENPurcell M. – Jordan Thompson0:2 (W)
29.08.23USOVan De Zandschulp B. – Jordan Thompson1:0 (L)
16.08.23CINAlcaraz C. – Jordan Thompson2:1 (L)
14.08.23CINIsner J. – Jordan Thompson0:2 (W)

Thompson has demonstrated impressive resilience in recent matches, clinching significant victories against formidable opponents. However, his inconsistency, as seen in the matches against Van De Zandschulp B. and Alcaraz C., could be a concern. Thompson’s ranking of 56, coupled with his 7 wins in the last 10 matches, indicates he’s in good form but might face challenges against higher-ranked players.

Recent Matches: Roman Safiullin

22.09.23CHENRoman Safiullin – Evans D.2:0 (W)
20.09.23CHENRoman Safiullin – Nakashima B.2:0 (W)
31.08.23USOPaul T. – Roman Safiullin3:2 (L)
29.08.23USORoman Safiullin – Cecchinato M.3:0 (W)
20.08.23WINRoman Safiullin – Cerundolo J. M.1:2 (L)

Safiullin’s performance charts a slightly fluctuating trajectory. Even though he boasts a higher ranking of 55 and has clinched 6 victories in his last 10 outings, he has faced unexpected defeats. It will be intriguing to see how he squares up against Thompson, given their balanced head-to-head record.

Roman Safiullin delivering a powerful forehand on the tennis court.

Head-to-Head: Thompson vs Safiullin

08.01.23ADESafiullin R. – Thompson J.0:2
03.02.15BURThompson J. – Safiullin R.1:2

Considering their previous matchups, both players seem evenly matched. Their 1-1 record suggests that predicting an outright winner will be challenging, and their upcoming encounter will surely be a nail-biter.

Key Points to Consider

  • Head-to-Head History: Both players have encountered each other twice, with the score evenly balanced at 1-1. Particularly on Hard surface, which is the surface for the upcoming match, their score stands at 1-1.
  • Recent Encounter: Their last meeting was at the Adelaide International 2 – Adelaide, where Thompson emerged victorious with a straight-set win (6-4, 6-4). Thompson showcased a strong serving game with a 64% first serve percentage and won 88% of his first serves. He also displayed a commendable return game, winning 37% of return points.
  • Career Achievements: While Thompson has clinched 16 titles in his career, Safiullin has a slightly better record with 23 titles. Their current rankings are almost neck and neck, with Thompson at 56 and Safiullin at 55. Their career-best rankings are also identical, both reaching the 43rd position.
  • Point and Tiebreak Records: Thompson has a slightly lower point-winning percentage (51%) compared to Safiullin’s 52%. When it comes to tiebreak situations, both players show almost identical records with Thompson having a 50% win rate and Safiullin a slightly higher 51%.
  • Recent Tournament Performance: Thompson’s last victory came at the Gwangju Challenger in May 2023, whereas Safiullin secured his last title at the Koblenz Challenger in February 2023. Looking at their performance in the last 10 matches, Thompson has a better win rate with 7 victories, while Safiullin has 6 wins.
  • Performance in Preceding Events: In the previous event (U.S. Open – New York), both players had contrasting fortunes. Safiullin managed to reach the Second round, whereas Thompson was eliminated in the First. Over the last three tournaments, Thompson showed a slightly better progression pattern reaching First, Second, and Third rounds respectively. In contrast, Safiullin was limited to the Second and First rounds in his last three events.
  • Top Victories: Thompson’s notable triumphs include wins over top-ranked players such as Andy Murray (1st ranked) and Stefanos Tsitsipas (3rd ranked). On the other hand, Safiullin’s major victories involve beating players like Tsitsipas (4th ranked) and Tommy Paul (17th ranked).
  • Yearly Bests: Thompson’s most successful year in terms of victories was 2015 with a 65% win rate, while Safiullin’s prime year was 2018, achieving a commendable 71% win-loss ratio.

Match Prediction

As we approach the culmination of this analysis, it seems that the match could go either way. Thompson’s recent victory against Safiullin might give him a psychological edge, but Safiullin’s overall career statistics suggest he might have a slight upper hand. However, given Thompson’s tenacity and Safiullin’s ability to bounce back, this match is likely to be fiercely contested. If pressed, I’d lean slightly towards Thompson, purely based on his recent form and his victory in their last encounter.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeJordan Thompson Win1.95

Having analyzed the game in-depth, it’s an excellent opportunity to place your bets. Leveraging this comprehensive insight, place your wager through BC Game and may the odds be in your favor!

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