ATP Zhuhai Predictions: Yoshihito Nishioka vs. Lloyd Harris

Lloyd Harris celebrating a point during a tennis match.

In the looming tennis showdown on September 22, 2023, at the ATP Zhuhai Championships, eighth-seeded Yoshihito Nishioka from Japan will take on the unseeded South African, Lloyd Harris. Set in the breathtakingly scenic courts of Zhuhai, this second-round match doesn’t have any specific refereeing names attached to it as of the available information. Both players will vie for a chance to proceed and potentially face the likes of Jan-Lennard Struff, Cristian Garin, or Zhou Yi in the succeeding rounds.

A Prelude to Power Play

As we set the stage for this riveting contest, it’s crucial to delve into the players’ recent performances, their comfort on the hard court, and their past encounters, giving us a glimpse into what to anticipate.

Recent Matches – Yoshihito Nishioka

20.09.23ZHUYoshihito Nishioka – Atmane T.2-1 (W)
30.08.23USOWawrinka S. – Yoshihito Nishioka3-0 (L)
16.08.23CINZverev A. – Yoshihito Nishioka2-0 (L)
14.08.23CINYoshihito Nishioka – Barrere G.2-0 (W)
07.08.23TORMusetti L. – Yoshihito Nishioka2-0 (L)

Yoshihito Nishioka, once a champion at this venue, made a dramatic comeback in Zhuhai after four years, and despite his past glory, recent form suggests a mixed bag of results. His struggle on hard courts is evident, with 11 losses out of 20 matches this season. However, his resilience in the face of adversity was evident when he turned the tide against Terence Atmane, coming from a set down to snatch victory.

Recent Matches – Lloyd Harris

20.09.23ZHULloyd Harris – Vesely J.2-0 (W)
01.09.23USOAlcaraz C. – Lloyd Harris3-0 (L)
30.08.23USOLloyd Harris – Pella G.3-0 (W)
16.08.23CINPurcell M. – Lloyd Harris2-0 (L)
11.08.23CARBroady L. – Lloyd Harris2-0 (L)

Contrarily, Lloyd Harris seems to be in slightly better shape this season. He’s showcased particular prowess on hard courts, with 18 wins out of 30 matches, and his straight-set triumph over Jiri Vesely is a testament to his current form.

Professional tennis player Yoshihito Nishioka on the court.

Head-to-Head: Nishioka vs. Harris

28.03.22MIAHarris L.2-1
16.08.21CINHarris L.2-0

Analyzing their head-to-head matches, Harris clearly seems to have an edge, having won both their encounters, interestingly, both on hard courts. This past record surely gives him a psychological advantage entering this bout.

Key Match Insights

  • Nishioka’s Form: Nishioka’s recent form is cause for concern. Out of his last 10 matches, he has tasted defeat seven times. This dip in form can play a crucial role in his confidence level, especially against an opponent he has yet to defeat.
  • Nishioka-Harris Rivalry: The head-to-head record between the two tilts heavily in favor of Harris, who has come out victorious in both of their previous encounters. These victories, interestingly, were both on hard courts – the same surface they’re about to duel on in Zhuhai.
  • Harris’s Hard Court Mastery: Harris’s 2023 season on hard courts is commendable. Of his 25 wins this year, a whopping 18 have come on this surface. Such dominance on hard courts provides him a significant edge over Nishioka in the upcoming match.
  • Nishioka’s Hard Court Woes: Nishioka, in stark contrast to Harris, has had a tough time on hard courts. This season alone, he’s faced defeat 11 times in 20 matches on hard courts. His shaky record on this surface, combined with his past defeats against Harris on hard courts, adds to the challenges he faces in the upcoming match.
  • Zhuhai Championship History: Nishioka, being a former champion in Zhuhai, does carry the weight of expectations. His victory here five years ago and a recent win against Terence Atmane (despite starting a set down) showcases his resilience and familiarity with the venue.
  • Harris’s Current Form: Harris seems to be in better shape than Nishioka in recent times. Out of his last 10 matches, he’s managed to secure victories in half of them, including two wins in the latest three fixtures. His recent triumph over Jiri Vesely in straight sets further underscores his form.
  • Ranking Boost: Both players experienced a boost in their live rankings post their first-round victories. Nishioka moved up four places to be 42nd, while Harris jumped 13 places to secure the 149th spot.
  • Harris’s Experience in Zhuhai: This is Harris’s second appearance in Zhuhai, marking a gap of six years since his debut. Memories of his previous victory against Nishioka in Miami might give him a psychological boost.

Expert Prediction and Analysis

While history and recent form indicate Lloyd Harris as a firm favorite, tennis often throws surprises. Yoshihito Nishioka, with his past championship experience at Zhuhai, can’t be entirely ruled out. Yet, taking everything into account, especially their head-to-head record and current form on hard courts, Harris seems the more probable victor.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match ResultLloyd Harris wins1.65
Total GamesOver 21.51.57

Conclusively, while statistics and analysis give us an insight, the real thrill lies in the unpredictability of the sport. Want to join in the excitement? Place your bet through BC Game and be a part of this thrilling encounter!

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