The Borrego Blueprint: Charting the New Path for the Pelicans

Coach James Borrego giving instructions to his team.

Historically, renowned artists like those named after the Ninja Turtles have often leaned on apprentices they profoundly respected. Analogously, Willie Green, now approaching his third year as a young NBA coach, was crafting his dream for the New Orleans Pelicans. The foundation was set, but it became evident that a revamp of the assistant coaching department was due. In his quest for contemporary insights, he yearned for a reliable partner.

James Borrego, while an “apprentice” in this context, is globally respected. With a history of architecting top-tier offenses, he’s a seasoned veteran of the game. Recognizing this, Green expressed,

“Borrego will significantly lighten our offensive responsibilities.”

The freedom bestowed upon Borrego signifies trust. It suggests that it’s okay for some strategies to misfire in the quest for perfection.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross

Embracing this ideology, the Pelicans anticipate that the techniques Borrego brings to the table will uplift their offensive prowess. It’s a gamble where every misstep is a stepping stone towards mastery.

Realigning the Playbook

While Green’s prior emphasis lay in defense and establishing deeper connections within the team, a revision of the offensive strategies became inescapable. This demanded fresh tactics and the assimilation of past learnings. Borrego, with his groundwork in the sport, was the ideal choice.

Borrego’s Offensive Tenets:

  • Ball Movement: Ensuring fluidity in the game.
  • Spacing: Maximizing the court’s area for strategic advantage.
  • Player Movement: Creating unpredictable scoring chances.

Much like the legendary artist Bob Ross started with elemental brush strokes, Borrego’s offense begins with straightforward yet proficient plays.

However, last season presented a different narrative. It wasn’t about basics but about survival. Challenges persisted, from initiating actions late on the shot clock to predictability in strategies. Key players had their woes, with Brandon Ingram’s mid-range predictability, Zion Williamson’s cramped moves to the hoop, and CJ McCollum’s peripheral role, among others.

The silver lining? The initial sketches for the Pelicans’ championship quest have been laid. Borrego’s challenge lies in refining these lines to showcase the masterpiece within.

The Evolutionary Approach to Offense

Borrego’s offensive strategies are analogous to the layers in Ross’s paintings. Commencing with rudimentary actions, they can metamorphose into elaborate plays teeming with choices.

Borrego’s Layered OffenseBob Ross’s Layered Paintings
Basic ActionsSimple Sky & Landscape
Player ComfortTrees, Mountains, Rivers
Intricate PlaysDetailed Layers & Highlights

Past coaches like Alvin Gentry and Stan Van Gundy had their unique artistic flairs, but consistency in results remained elusive. Under Green’s leadership, the rifts have been bridged, and the Pelicans are on the brink of a defining season. They require a sporadically efficient offense and a sprinkle of fortune against injuries.

“An accidental, out-of-nowhere championship is still a banner raised.”

The journey starts with player roles. Ingram, in particular, is primed for a more significant role. Borrego’s expertise should provide Ingram with clearer paths and elevate his assist metrics. Redirecting attention from Williamson can create a balanced offense rather than overburdening a single player.

Pelicans teammates in uniform, ready to execute a play.

The Statistical Story

Under Borrego’s watch, the Charlotte Hornets showcased some commendable stats.

Top-10 Ranks:

  • Three-point attempts
  • Points
  • Three-pointers made & attempted
  • Three-point percentage

Distinct Achievements:

  • NBA-best 28.1 team assists per game
  • 10th in turnovers

This reflects Borrego’s philosophy: Work hard, keep the game dynamic, and capitalize on the fundamentals.

Comparatively, the Pelicans languished in several offensive metrics last season. With Borrego’s historical success with the Hornets, the anticipation is high.

Borrego’s Offensive Philosophy

Borrego once shed light on his approach saying,

“For the most part of the game, I base it on familiar concepts, perhaps with minute adjustments to cloak it.”

The final quarters present a challenge given the swift timeouts. However, his forward-thinking ensures he’s always a step ahead.

Future Prospects

As pieces fall into place, the Pelicans are set to embrace a brighter future. Players like Jose Alvarado, Larry Nance Jr., and Kira Lewis Jr., among others, are bound to benefit from Borrego’s wisdom. A decade back, Borrego mentored Green. Today, they have exchanged roles but retain their shared vision.

In conclusion, with their combined expertise, the Pelicans are on a trajectory that could very well manifest into the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy. Only time will tell how this artistic blend of coaching panache pans out on the court.

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