KL Rahul’s Stellar Performance in World Cup Showcases His Vast Range

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

KL Rahul’s flicked six off Paul van Meekeren, while not as legendary as the iconic World Cup shots by Viv Richards and Yashpal Sharma, holds its unique place in the 2023 World Cup. Though it wasn’t a final or semi-final and came against a less formidable team, it signifies how the game has evolved, with such shots becoming more common in modern cricket.

Rahul’s Mastery of the Flick Shot

Rahul’s ability to effortlessly send the ball soaring with minimal effort stands out. Unlike Richards and Yashpal, who created angles for their legendary shots, Rahul uses his natural stance, skillful wrists, and advanced bat technology to execute his trademark flick. This shot, particularly effective in T20 cricket, showcases his ability to pick up anything below hip height and send it flying.

A Delayed Showcase at the World Cup

What made this instance noteworthy was its timing – Rahul had held back this signature move until the final league game of the tournament, despite having scored 297 runs at a 74.25 average. While he did attempt it against South Africa, it led to an early dismissal, which perhaps explains its rare appearance until that point in the tournament.

Rahul’s Diverse Batting Techniques

Rahul’s versatility was further highlighted by a surprise shot against Logan van Beek – a slice over backward point for a six. This shot, typically associated with Suryakumar Yadav, was executed to perfection by Rahul, underlining his wide range of skills and ability for spontaneous innovation.

Rahul’s Role in the Indian Team

Throughout the World Cup, Rahul often found himself in situations that required consolidation rather than flamboyance, which reflected in his relatively lower strike rate of 79.80 before the game on Sunday. His disciplined approach, while crucial for the team, perhaps overshadowed his expansive skillset.

MatchRuns ScoredStrike RateNotable Shots
Vs. SA872.73Attempted flick six
Final League Game100+93.53Flicked six, Slice over backward point
Cricket World Cup 2023 India Trounce Netherlands

The Versatility Dilemma

Rahul’s versatility, while a significant asset, has also been a double-edged sword. His achievements span multiple formats – from Test centuries in challenging overseas conditions to rapid-fire innings in the IPL. However, his varied roles have led to fluctuating averages and sometimes criticism, particularly in the shortest format.

Rahul’s Sweet Spot in ODIs

ODI cricket seems to offer Rahul the perfect balance, especially when batting at Nos. 4 and 5. These positions provide clarity on his role, allowing him to effectively utilize his diverse skillset. His stats in these positions are impressive, placing him among a select group of players with 1000-plus runs, a 50-plus average, and a 90-plus strike rate.

Rahul’s Place Among the Greats

While comparisons with players like AB de Villiers may be premature, Rahul’s numbers suggest a high ceiling for his potential. His performances, especially in ODIs, underscore his value to the Indian team, capable of adapting to various match situations effectively.


KL Rahul’s showcase of his full range in the World Cup’s final league game not only highlighted his personal skill but also reflected the evolution of cricket and batting techniques. His versatility across formats and roles, combined with his ability to adapt to team needs, marks him as a valuable asset to Indian cricket, with the potential to achieve even greater heights in his career.

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