Jamie Davis Steps Down as President and CEO of USA Volleyball by Year’s End

Jamie Davis Steps Down as President and CEO of USA Volleyball by Year's End

Jamie Davis, the President and CEO of USA Volleyball, has announced he will not seek a contract renewal after his current term ends this year. Davis, who has been at the helm since 2017, plans to remain in charge through the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. Following his departure, he will provide executive consultancy to ensure a seamless transition of leadership. Davis expressed enthusiasm about his future endeavors, which he will disclose later in the year, and reaffirmed his commitment to USA Volleyball until his contract concludes on September 30th. Reflecting on his tenure, Davis highlighted the achievements and growth experienced over the past seven years.

Leadership Transition at USA Volleyball Amidst Growth and Success

USA Volleyball has undergone significant expansion, with membership swelling by nearly 30% to 425,000. The consortium heralded three aureate accolades at the Tokyo Olympiad and Paralympics, with the women’s contingent lauded as littoral world victors. Presently, USA Volleyball basks in the most robust fiscal vigor in its chronicle. Davis posits the current juncture as the propitious interval for fresh stewardship to perpetuate edifying upon this bedrock. He proffers his appreciation to the cadre, the 40 regional filiations, and the directorate for their steadfast backing, accentuating their contribution in the consortium’s triumphs. Davis pledges to underwrite a seamless leadership metamorphosis throughout the annum.

Dave Gentile, presider of the USAV consortium, concedes the profound influence of Jamie’s stewardship over the antecedent septennium, propelling the consortium to unparalleled echelons of triumph. The consortium’s panel articulates its exultation and gratitude for Jamie’s endowments, remarking that he bequeaths USA Volleyball in a considerably superior condition than at his advent.

In his communiqué with the emissaries of the USA Volleyball territories, Davis articulated his profound appreciation. He declared, ‘Your endowments to USAV and volleyball have been priceless. Collaborating alongside you has been an extraordinary privilege, propelling us to attain phenomenal triumphs. I am boundlessly grateful for all your endeavors.

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