Virat Kohli Debunks Misleading Reports Concerning Him and Anushka, Delivers Stern Rebuttal Regarding Alibaug Farmhouse Tales

Indian cricket player Virat Kohli

Reports had stated that Virat Kohli had ambitions to construct a cricket pitch at his Alibaug estate.

Kohli is in preparations for the forthcoming Asia Cup edition(ANI-Virat Kohli Instagram)

Prominent news outlets recently suggested that the iconic duo, Virat and Anushka, had intentions to erect a cricket pitch on their luxury Alibaug residence grounds. But Kohli, dismissing such claims, took to social media to offer a significant clarification. Kohli, on his Instagram account on Tuesday, dispelled the rumors and labeled the information as misleading. 

“The publications I’ve trusted since youth are now resorting to distributing false narratives,”

expressed Kohli in an Instagram Stories post.

This reaction from Kohli surfaced after said media outlets posited that the ex-Indian skipper harbored desires to integrate a cricket pitch within the confines of his opulent estate. As one of the most tracked sports personalities on Instagram, Kohli boasts a mammoth 255 million-strong follower base on the image and video-centric platform. As per prior reports, Kohli had acquired his additional Alibaug property the previous year. The esteemed Indian cricketer had footed an INR 36 lakh stamp duty for his 2,000 sq ft villa transaction in Alibaug, setting him back by INR 6 crore.

Kohli addresses speculations on his social media income

While Kohli was engaged with international matches in Australia, his sibling, Vikas Kohli, had overseen the requisite paperwork at the Alibaug sub-registrar office. Recently, Kohli felt the need to set the record straight post buzz suggesting the cricketing prodigy pocketed approximately INR 11 crore for promotional endorsements on Instagram. 

“Though I remain humbled by everything I’ve been blessed with, the circulating speculations regarding my Instagram revenue aren’t accurate,”

he remarked. 

Professionally, the 34-year-old dynamo is bracing for the imminent Asia Cup edition. In his last limited-overs endeavor, Kohli wasn’t in the batting lineup for Team India led by Rohit Sharma during their West Indies tour.”

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