Maxwell Requests Break During IPL

Maxwell Requests Break During IPL

Maxwell has opted to take a break for mental and physical rejuvenation after a challenging start to the IPL, having requested RCB to rest him for the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Glenn Maxwell Takes Break from IPL for Rest

Glenn Maxwell has decided to take a break from the IPL to rejuvenate both physically and mentally, after asking the Royal Challengers Bangalore management to select a replacement for him for the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Maxwell has been underperforming in the 2024 IPL season. Prior to Monday’s game, he had managed only 32 runs across six innings, averaging just 5.33. Although there were rumors of a possible thumb injury, they were not the reason for his absence.

Maxwell Steps Down for a Break

“For me, personally, it was a pretty easy decision,” Maxwell said after RCB’s sixth defeat in seven matches. “I approached Faf [du Plessis] and the coaches after the last game and suggested it might be time to try someone new. I’ve faced similar situations before where continuing to play only deepens the slump. I believe now is a good time for me to take a mental and physical break, and prepare my body. If needed later in the tournament, I aim to return in top mental and physical condition to make a significant impact.

We’ve been struggling right after the powerplay, an area where I have excelled in recent seasons. I felt I was not contributing positively with the bat, and given our current standings, it’s an opportune moment to let someone else step in and potentially secure their place.”

Entering IPL 2024, Maxwell was in excellent form. Since the beginning of November, he scored 552 runs in 17 T20 matches, averaging 42.46 with a strike rate of 185.85, and hitting two centuries during this period.

IPL Player’s Early Struggles and High-Scoring Match

He began the IPL season with a first-ball dismissal against Chennai Super Kings. Since then, he has been out for zero runs two more times and has only once faced more than five balls—in a match against Kolkata Knight Riders where he scored 28 off 19 balls, aided by two dropped catches.

“T20 cricket can be unpredictable at times—it’s a rather capricious game,” he commented. “Even in the first match, I hit the ball cleanly to the wicketkeeper. I judged the length well and saw an opportunity to score, but I angled the bat slightly too much. Normally, when things are going your way, that ball misses the gloves, and you score a boundary. Instead, you start with four runs from one ball and take off for the tournament.

“It simply boils down to not getting a good start—it’s as straightforward as that. In the initial matches, I believe my decisions were fairly sensible, but I still ended up getting out. Such outcomes are common in T20 cricket, and when they accumulate, you may begin to overthink and stray from the basics.”

However, the match against SRH turned out to be a run fest. Batting first, SRH amassed 287 for 3, marking the second-highest total in T20 cricket history. RCB responded with 262 for 7, bringing the total for the game to 549 runs, the highest ever in a T20 match.

Reflecting on a Missed Game: Maxwell’s Perspective

Maxwell was asked if he regretted not playing one more game. “During the powerplay, I noticed that the pitch was not as slow and two-paced as in the earlier games,” he explained, smiling. “It was probably a bad game to miss; it would have been great to bat.”

“But as I mentioned, I needed not just a physical but also a mental break to continue playing professional cricket properly. I take great pride in my performance and work hard behind the scenes to prepare my body for every game. It’s been a challenging struggle, especially as I am now over 30. The physical and mental toll has worn me down a bit.”

Maxwell also had a similar season in the IPL in 2020. Playing for Kings XI Punjab, he scored only 108 runs in 11 innings, with an average of 15.42 and a strike rate of 101.88, without hitting a single six.

Maxwell’s Role in Cricket Strategy

Maxwell noted, “That was probably a different scenario. At that time, the issue was my effective bowling. I was primarily playing as a spinner used towards the end of the innings. With KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal being the top scorers then, there weren’t many balls left for me to play, which affected my match rhythm. Occasionally, I got to bat but only for a few deliveries.

I suggested to the Kings XI management that they could replace me with another overseas bowler, especially since we lacked an off-spinner. Thus, I ended up playing as an overseas off-spinner who could also bat.

The current management has been exceptional. We’ve been collaborating closely, taking significant responsibility, and the off-field leadership has been very supportive. Unfortunately, despite being in great form, I haven’t scored as expected. It’s frustrating, but if I can stay physically and mentally fit, I’m optimistic about performing well if given another chance in the tournament.

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