How to look for betting forks

forks in bookmaker's offices

To find forks in betting, look for situations where different bookmakers offer different odds for the same outcome of a sporting event. Calculate the probabilities for each odds using the appropriate formulas and find betting combinations where the sum of the probabilities of all outcomes is less than 100%. This will allow you to place bets on different outcomes and guarantee a profit no matter which outcome occurs. It is important to act quickly as odds can change and arbitrage opportunities can be temporary and limited.

What are forks in sports betting

In the world of betting, the term “forks” refers to a unique opportunity for punters. They can capitalize on the variety of odds offered by different bookmakers on the same outcome of a sporting event. These differences in odds create a situation in which it is possible to place bets on different outcomes and ensure a guaranteed profit, regardless of the outcome of the event. The basic idea is that by strategically placing bets on different platforms, a player can win regardless of which option turns out to be correct. Thus, forks become an interesting method for those who want to use odds analysis and make a guaranteed profit in the world of sports betting.

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Live forks

These are a type of forks that occur in real time, during sporting events. When you’re betting live, the odds can shift fast based on what’s happening in the game at the moment. Live forks offer players a chance to win by reacting quickly to changes in odds and placing bets on different outcomes to guarantee a profit no matter what event occurs during the match.

Incomplete forks

These are situations where differences in odds do not provide a full guaranteed profit on all possible outcomes of the event. Here, the goal is to bet in a way that cuts down on potential losses, no matter how the event turns out. Incomplete forks might be a good option if you’re looking to play it safe and have more control over your bets.

How the search for forks happens

Finding forks at bookmakers includes analyzing the odds for the same sporting event at different bookmakers. First, the event is selected, then the offered odds are compared. Figuring out the odds helps you see which results have a better chance of happening. Then situations where the sum of the probabilities of all outcomes is less than 100% are looked for, indicating an arbitrage opportunity. Optimal bets on different outcomes are calculated and then bets are placed quickly to secure the arbitrage. Monitoring of events and odds is important, as well as a willingness to adapt bets if necessary. Successful fork finding requires care, responsiveness and an understanding of the odds.

  • Looking for forks on your own means you’ll need to compare odds at various betting sites yourself. The bettor manually compares the offers of different platforms for the same event, calculates the probabilities and determines whether there are arbitrage opportunities. This method requires time and attention, but can be useful for those who prefer to control the whole process.
  • Online services. These tools scan the odds at different bookmakers and provide information on potential arbitrage opportunities. They simplify the process and reduce the time it takes to search, making them a popular choice for bettors.
  • Some bettors use specialized programs to find forks. These programs usually have advanced analysis features and notification of rapidly changing odds. They can also provide additional data for more informed betting decisions. The programs can be useful for experienced bettors who want to maximize their ability to find arbitrage.

How the strategy works

The principle of the arbitrage betting strategy is based on utilizing the differences in odds offered by different bookmakers to ensure a guaranteed profit. The main stages of this strategy include:

  • Searching for arbitrage opportunities: Analyzing odds for the same event at different bookmakers to determine differences in offers.
  • Calculating probabilities: Convert odds into probabilities and estimate which outcomes are considered more likely according to bookmakers.
  • Detecting forks: Finding situations where the sum of probabilities of all outcomes is less than 100%, which allows the bettor to place bets on different outcomes and ensure a guaranteed profit.
  • Betting Calculation: Determine the optimal bet sizes for each outcome, taking into account odds and probabilities to guarantee profit.
  • Fast betting: Placing bets at different bookmakers before the odds change to lock in an arbitrage opportunity.
  • Monitoring and Adaptation: Keeping track of the event and changes in odds, readiness to react quickly to possible changes and adapt the strategy if necessary.

The whole point of using an arbitrage betting approach is to make sure you come out ahead, no matter what happens in the game. However, it should be remembered that arbitrage opportunities can be temporary and disappear quickly, and that bookmakers may limit bets or change odds. Effective application of this strategy requires attention, responsiveness and understanding of the odds.

Rating of scanners and parsers

The rating of arbitrage betting scanners and parsers reflects their efficiency, reliability and functionality in detecting differences in odds at different bookmakers. It takes into account the speed of data updates, accuracy of probability calculations, the ability to monitor in real time, as well as additional features such as notifications and analytics. It is important to choose scanners and parsers with a good reputation and positive feedback from users to ensure optimal use of arbitrage betting strategy.

AllBestBetsProvides tools for identifying arbitrage opportunities in sports betting. Offers real-time odds comparison, calculator, and alerts.
BreakingBetComprehensive solution for arbitrage betting. Offers odds comparison, real-time scanning, and in-depth analytics for effective strategies.
BetspanHelps bettors find potential arbitrage opportunities in various sports events. Monitors odds changes, evaluates probabilities, and sends notifications for favorable situations.
RebelBettingWell-known company offering real-time scanning, odds comparison, and customizable filters for successful arbitrage betting.
OddsPortalVersatile platform allowing odds comparison for different sports and bookmakers. Offers historical odds data and resources for strategy development.
OddStormFocuses on real-time odds comparison and monitoring for efficient arbitrage betting. Quick identification of opportunities across multiple bookmakers.
SurebetOnline service simplifying the process of finding arbitrage bets. Provides real-time odds, calculator tools, and notifications to aid strategy implementation.
PositivebetOffers real-time odds comparison and user-friendly interface for identifying arbitrage opportunities. Covers a wide range of sports and markets.
ForksProvides tools to find arbitrage bets across various sports and bookmakers. Aims to help users profit from price discrepancies.
ArbmateOffers real-time odds comparisons and notifications for arbitrage opportunities. Provides customizable search tools for increased chances of finding profitable bets.
BmbetsPlatform designed to identify arbitrage opportunities through odds comparison and quick notifications. Covers multiple sports and bookmakers.
BidSpecializes in odds comparison and quick scanning for potential arbitrage opportunities. Simplifies finding the right bets and enhances the efficiency of the betting process.
Scan-SportProvides tools for scanning and comparing odds at different bookmakers to identify arbitrage opportunities. Aids users in making informed decisions for profit.
TikiOffers real-time odds comparison, calculator tools, and alerts for potential arbitrage situations. Assists people in finding their way through the ever-changing landscape of sports arbitrage betting.
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Pros and cons of playing on forks at bookmaker’s offices

Playing on forks (arbitrage betting) in bookmaker offices provides both positive and negative aspects that should be considered before deciding on this type of strategy.


  • Guaranteed Profit: The main advantage of playing at forks is the possibility of guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of a sporting event. This attracts many bettors who are looking for a stable income.
  • Minimizing risks: Playing on the forks allows you to reduce your risks, as you get your winnings no matter what outcome occurs. This is especially true in the case of uncertain or complex events.
  • Use of Analysis: Playing at forks requires analyzing odds and probabilities. It promotes analytical skills and a deep understanding of sporting events.
  • Short-term benefits: If you play the forks successfully, you can make quick profits, which can be particularly attractive.


  • Bookmaker restrictions: Many bookmakers may restrict betting on arbitrage opportunities as they try to minimize their losses from such bets.
  • Search complexity: Finding forks can be complicated and time-consuming. Even with the use of specialized tools, finding profitable arbitrage may not always be a simple task.
  • Rapidly changing odds: Odds can change very quickly, especially during live betting. This requires instant reaction and can lead to missed opportunities.
  • Limited opportunities: Arbitration opportunities are not always available. They may be temporary, limited to certain sports or events.
  • Time costs: Finding, analyzing and placing bets on forks takes time and effort. This could be a hurdle if you’re short on time and can’t keep an eye on things continuously.

Before deciding to play at the forks, it is important to weigh the pros and cons well and consider your personal goals, resources and experience in the betting world.

Tricks for working

Tricks for working with forks

When working with arbitrage forks at bookmakers, there are a few tricks that can increase the effectiveness of this strategy. Firstly, choosing reliable sources for finding forks plays a key role. Use trusted online services and programs to avoid errors and incorrect data. It is also important to take into account some bookmakers’ restrictions on arbitrage bets and avoid them, so that you don’t run into betting restrictions on winning forks.

However, the main secret of successful betting is quick reaction. The odds on arbitrage events can change instantly, especially in live betting. So, you’ve got to be quick on your feet and ready to place your bets when the odds are in your favor. Also keep in mind that dealing with arbitrage forks may require you to diversify your choice of sports to find more favorable and rare situations.

How to bet forks, so as not to be calculated

Betting on arbitrage forks in a way that minimizes the risks of being figured out requires caution and tact. Here are a few approaches:

  • Variety of forks: Don’t bet only on obvious and frequently used forks. Diversify your bets and choose less conspicuous situations.
  • Betting on different times: Place bets on different time periods. This way, you will reduce the likelihood that your bets will be considered arbitrage.
  • Spread betting amounts: Avoid betting amounts that are too homogeneous. Place different amounts on different bookmakers to avoid attracting attention.
  • Moderate bets: Don’t bet too big. Large bets on arbitrage forks can attract the attention of the bookmaker.
  • Avoid switching bookmakers quickly: Frequent switching between bookmakers and placing arbitrage bets instantly can look suspicious.
  • Watch the lines: Do not bet immediately after changing lines or odds. Wait a while before placing a bet.

How to avoid sanctions?

To avoid sanctions from bookmakers, follow these guidelines:

  1. Study the rules: Carefully study each bookmaker’s rules regarding arbitrage betting. This will help you avoid violations.
  2. Observe limits: Find out if the bookmaker has limits on arbitrage betting. Observe these limits to avoid attracting attention.
  3. Manage your bankroll: Manage your bankroll wisely and responsibly. Avoid bets that may cause suspicion.
  4. Avoid disposable accounts: Use one account on a betting site rather than creating multiple accounts. This can raise suspicion.
  5. Consistency in betting: Bet regularly and consistently to avoid drawing the bookie’s attention to you as a potential arbitrageur.
  6. Contact support: If you have any doubts or questions regarding arbitrage betting, contact the bookmaker’s support team for specific information.
  7. Keep an eye on the odds: Avoid moments of abrupt odds changes to avoid looking suspicious.

It is important to remember that each bookmaker has its own rules and policies regarding arbitrage betting. Follow these tips to reduce the likelihood of problems and sanctions.

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Diving into arbitrage betting can be both exciting and profitable, but it’s not something you should jump into without some prep work. While this approach gives you a shot at making money no matter how the game turns out, it’s not without its challenges and risks.

Before getting started, make sure you understand the ins and outs of the bookmakers you’re dealing with, pick trustworthy tools to spot those arbitrage opportunities, and have a solid game plan in place. Bankroll management, variety of sports and quick reaction to changes in odds are key components of success.

Keep in mind that arbitrage opportunities may be temporary and results may vary. Follow risk minimization and compliance tips to avoid sanctions from bookmakers. Ultimately, playing the forks is a strategy that can be useful for those who are willing to invest time and effort in analyzing and finding opportunities for guaranteed profits.

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