Top Sports Bettors in the World

Ever pondered about the millionaire sports bettors? Are they swanky millionaires, tech whizzes, or renowned celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Ashton Kutcher?

Indeed, sports betting is an industry raking in billions. The big players of this game often bet sums rivaling the GDPs of smaller nations.

In this piece, we’ll dive deep into the exclusive realm of the elite professional sports bettors, highlighting their defining traits and offering a peek into the cogs and wheels of their success.

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Traits of a Successful Sports Bettor:

Research & Analysis:

Just like in any form of investment, data is key. Successful sports bettors invest time in understanding the teams, players, and all relevant statistics. They may use tools, software, or expert advice, but ultimately, they base their bets on well-researched facts.

Bankroll Management:

This is essentially the practice of managing one’s betting funds. A successful bettor knows not to put all their money on a single bet, no matter how sure they are. They will have a set amount or percentage of their bankroll they’re willing to bet, and they stick to this discipline rigorously.

Emotional Control:

Betting can be an emotional rollercoaster. Winning can bring euphoria and losing can bring despair. The most successful sport bettors remain emotionally detached from the outcome and focus on the long-term strategy.

Understanding Value:

A successful bettor understands the concept of value in betting odds. Even if a team is highly likely to win, if the odds don’t represent value, it’s often not worth the bet.


The world of sports is dynamic. Players get injured, traded, or retire. Successful bettors can adapt their strategies and bets based on the current situation.

Continuous Learning:

Like any field, the world of sports betting evolves. Successful bettors are always on the lookout for new techniques, data analytics tools, or expert opinions to improve their strategies.


They often connect with other successful bettors, share insights, and learn from each other’s successes and mistakes.


They question everything, from expert advice to popular opinion. They’re not easily swayed by the majority or trends.

Meet the Titans of Sports Betting

These top gamblers in the world, with their unique strategies and captivating tales, are more than just gamblers – they’re the maestros of a craft that blends analysis, intuition, and sheer audacity.

1. Benjamin Patz

Benjamin Patz

Parlay Patz, whose real name is Benjamin Patz, rose to fame in the sports betting world for his uncanny ability to hit massive parlay bets, earning him his nickname. This young bettor turned heads when he reportedly won over a million dollars in a span of just 50 days, predominantly through college basketball bets. Today he is one of the most famous sports gamblers in the world.

Parlay Patz strategy:

  • Parlay Betting: Combining multiple bets into a single wager;
  • Statistical Analysis: Deep diving into data for each pick;
  • Momentum Riding: Betting on teams or players in form;
  • Bankroll Management: Setting aside a specific amount for bets and not exceeding it;
  • Risk Tolerance: Accepting the high-risk nature of parlays for potentially larger payouts.

Like many bettors, Patz faced his share of losses, but his story is a testament to the unpredictability and excitement of the sports betting world. It’s also a reminder that while big parlays can yield massive rewards, they also come with substantial risk.

2. Billy Walters

Billy Walters

Billy Walters, often dubbed the “best gambler in the world,” is a figure that looms large in the annals of sports gambling. Originating from humble beginnings in Kentucky, Walters went on to become one of the richest sports bettors, often moving betting lines with his sizable wagers.

Walters’ success was not a result of mere luck. He ran an extensive operation, leveraging a network of informants and employing analysts and tech experts to dissect data. He treated sports betting like a business, where information was currency. Often, he would bet on both sides of a game, looking to exploit minute shifts in the odds to guarantee a profit.

Billy Walters strategy:

  • Insider Knowledge: Utilizing strong networks for information;
  • Syndicate Betting: Collaborating with experts for pooled bets;
  • Large Stakes: Placing big bets on highly confident picks.
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3. Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom, colloquially known as the “Lizard” in betting circles, is not just your average punter he’s a mathematical genius, entrepreneur, and football club owner. Born in Brighton, England, Bloom’s affinity for numbers and betting was evident from a young age, and it didn’t take long for him to make a mark in the gambling world. Today he is recognized as one of the professional betters in the world.

What sets Bloom apart is his analytical and data-driven approach to betting. In an industry often driven by hunches and gut feelings, Bloom leaned heavily into statistics, computer models, and algorithms. He’s known to have employed a team of data analysts and quants to give him an edge over the bookies.

Tony Bloom strategy:

  • Mathematical Edge: Using statistical models;
  • Diversification: Betting on a wide range of sports and markets;
  • Ownership Insight: Leveraging knowledge from owning sports teams.

4. Bill Benter

Bill Benter

Bill Benter is not just a name in the betting world, he’s a legend. What sets Benter apart from many bettors is his fusion of gambling with complex computer algorithms. With a background in physics, he applied his analytical acumen to the unpredictable world of horse racing. Moving to Hong Kong in the 1980s, he recognized the city’s racetracks as untapped goldmines for his data-driven approach.

Together with Alan Woods, another gambling genius, Benter developed a model that could predict the outcomes of horse races with astonishing accuracy. Their algorithm took into account numerous variables from the condition of the track, the horse’s health, training, jockey’s competence, and even the betting pool’s size.

Bill Benter strategy:

  • Algorithmic Betting: Creating software for horse race outcomes;
  • Data Collection: Analyzing vast amounts of racing data;
  • Probability Models: Estimating chances based on historical data.
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5. Steve Fezzik

Steve Fezzik

In the realm of professional sports betting, few names resonate as loudly as Steve Fezzik. Hailing from Ohio, Fezzik relocated to Las Vegas, the heart of the betting universe, to fully immerse himself in the craft and quickly made a name for himself with his impressive analytical skills and winning bets.

Fezzik is best known for being the only two-time winner of the prestigious Las Vegas Hilton SuperContest, a testament to his expertise and prowess in NFL handicapping. These consecutive wins in 2008 and 2009 cemented his reputation as one of the best sports bettors of all time.

But perhaps what sets Fezzik apart is his transparency and willingness to educate. He’s a regular voice on various sports betting podcasts and shows, sharing insights and strategies, guiding both novice and seasoned bettors.In a world of big claims and bigger egos, Steve Fezzik’s track record and approach to the game make him a standout figure, respected by peers and fans alike.

Steve Fezzik strategy:

  • Situational Analysis: Identifying unique game scenarios;
  • Line Shopping: Finding best odds across multiple bookmakers;
  • Public Sentiment: Betting against public perceptions when they’re skewed.

6. Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec

Often referred to as the world’s biggest gambler, Zeljko Ranogajec is a titan in the realm of global betting. Born in Tasmania to Croatian immigrants, Ranogajec’s journey into the upper echelons of high-stakes gambling is nothing short of legendary.

While his early endeavors spanned blackjack and other casino games, Ranogajec’s true fame emanates from the world of horse racing. It’s estimated that his betting syndicate accounts for a significant proportion of the Australian horse betting market.

Zeljko Ranogajec strategy:

  • Advantage Play: Exploiting casino games and horse racing inefficiencies;
  • High Volume: Betting large amounts to capitalize on small edges;
  • Collaborative Networks: Working with experts and pooling resources.
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7. Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Marco’s rise in the betting world was rooted in his genuine passion for sports and an innate ability to dissect games beyond just scores and stats. He is particularly one of the most famous gamblers in the world. While many chase the rush of a big win, Marco’s approach has always been one of consistency and discipline.

Beyond his personal betting pursuits, Marco D’Angelo has cemented his legacy by sharing his insights and picks with the betting community. A frequent voice on sports radio and a contributor to numerous betting forums and websites, he’s dedicated to educating fellow bettors, guiding them with both strategies and specific game analyses.

Marco D’Angelo strategy:

  • Detailed Research: Evaluating player stats and team dynamics;
  • Value Betting: Seeking odds that offer value;
  • Market Analysis: Identifying odds discrepancies compared to personal assessments.
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