How to Bet on Table Tennis: Strategies, Examples, Tips

A dynamic and fast-paced game, table tennis or ping pong is known for its exceptional accuracy and performances that keep fans on the edge of their seats at every moment. The sport first gained recognition in England during the 19th century as a miniature form of indoor tennis and spread across Europe and Asia during the 20th century. This sport also hit a significant milestone in 1988 after making its Olympic debut during the Seoul Summer Olympics in South Korea.

The sport’s advancement over the centuries has earned it global recognition, attracting the attention of bookmakers and sports punters alike. This table tennis betting guide will help you understand the importance of timing when placing bets in online bookmakers and explain the rules of ping pong betting. We will also look at how live betting on table tennis works, common pitfalls to avoid when betting, and smart strategies to maximize your profits and entertainment value.

Table Tennis Betting Rules to Keep in Mind

Table tennis betting rules are quite similar to wagering on other sports like tennis and volleyball. However, several unique differences set ping-pong betting apart from the rest.

In table tennis, every player serves twice before switching. Tennis, on the other hand, gives the server a winning advantage and more points on serve. However, the serving factor doesn’t give any player a tangible advantage over the opponent. The results mostly depend on the athlete’s playing style and expertise.

Unlike in sports like volleyball where the serving team has a scoring advantage, table tennis competitions can reward points to either side regardless of the server. Depending on the regulations and status of the table tennis tournament, the rules might also vary. That includes the length of the games and outbound areas where the player can’t serve and forfeit their turn.

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Table Tennis Match Format

Table tennis tournaments consist of five or seven games; a player must win 3-to 4 games to win the match. As a rule, your bookie’s table tennis betting line must show the format of every match (five/ seven sets).

Knowing the match format in table tennis betting is essential whether you’re wagering on the over/under or the outright winner betting markets. Each game features 11 points and if both teams are tied at 10, then every side will alternate serving with every point until one team/ player gets a two-point advantage.

During the World Championships, Olympic games, and other high-ranking table tennis tournaments in the World Tour, the singles match features seven sets. That means an athlete needs four wins to emerge victorious. Doubles and smaller table tennis tournaments consist of five sets meaning a team needs three wins to bag the match.

Similar to tennis, volleyball, and other sports, the most popular types of table tennis bets include outright bets, handicap bets, correct score, points bets, and prop bets. These common table tennis bets can be made on specific sets or the overall performance of the whole match.

Here’s a closer look at common table tennis bets you can place:

Outright Betting

Outright betting is a popular type of sports bet in table tennis and other major sports. The bet allows you to predict the player or team winning a table tennis tournament, competition, or a particular set. This market is common when wagering on major events like the Team World Cup, WC Ping Pong, and Summer Universiade.

Table Tennis Match Betting

Similar to the money line betting market in other sports, match betting involves predicting the team or player that will emerge victorious in a single match. For instance, in the Czech Liga Pro match featuring Dominik Lengal vs Michal Zobac, you can place a match-winner bet and wager for Zobac to emerge victorious if you believe he will win. 

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Handicap Betting

When betting on table tennis, handicap bets are a great way to find value in your wagers and boost your odds. With handicap bets, the bookmaker will even the playing field to give the underdog a head start and boost the favorite’s odds to balance the game.

For instance, you choose Jan Briska, the bookie’s favorite in a Czech Liga Pro match against Rostislav Hasmanda, with a 1.5 handicap. That means Jan Briska must win with two or more games for your bet to win.

Correct Score

Correct score is a straightforward betting market that involves predicting the final scoreline. However, it’s quite hard to predict the exact score of a table tennis match accurately, hence it features incredibly solid odds. For instance, if Tomas Suta is playing Jiri Motak in the Czech Liga Pro league match, you can use the correct score bet to wager on a 3-1 final scoreline or whichever outcome you desire.

Points Betting

Another popular table tennis bet points betting involves predicting the total number of points in each game. The market comes in handy when looking to predict the number of points that both sides will record in a given match or tournament.

In that case, in the Czech Liga Pro match between Vaclav Svoboda and Ondrej Mista, you can use the point betting market to wager on whether the total points in this game will be Over/Under 70 points. You can also bet on whether the total points for Vaclav or Mista will be Over/Under a preset number like 39.5 or 37.5.

Prop Bets

Also known as specials, prop bets make betting on table tennis more fun. These ping-pong betting markets allow you to bet on different events that occur during the game, but may not affect the final results of a match. Some of the most popular specials in table tennis include:

  • First game-winner
  • Who will take the first serve
  • Third game-winner
  • Games decide through additional or extra points

How Live Betting In Table Tennis Games Works

Live betting in table tennis allows you to wager on different outcomes during ongoing matches. In most cases, the available live betting markets in tennis matches depend on your bookmaker and the competition. As such, you might find a few live-betting tennis fixtures. However, before you wager on live table tennis events, remember that the live odds keep changing with the game’s momentum.

Table tennis live betting markets also keep changing their status from open to closed as the game continues. Fortunately, most online sports bookies give you live scores and statistics to keep you updated on any developments when betting. Some sportsbooks also feature a live streaming option to allow their punters to watch the games while betting.

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How to Correctly Analyze Your Table Tennis Bet

When looking to bet on individual table tennis matches for singles or doubles, it’s important to do in-depth research on the opponents before placing your first bet. Essentially, that means analyzing the player rankings, past results, style of play, statistics, and other factors that may influence the game’s outcome.

Here are several things to check when analyzing table tennis matches before you place your bets:

  • The Player’s overall shape. Always consider the overall physical condition of the players participating in a table tennis match, including recent surgeries or injuries. You also need to consider their mental health by looking at recent traumas or public scandals. All these factors can significantly influence a player’s performance during a table tennis tournament.
  • More than the player’s rank. While a player’s ranking is an excellent way to analyze and estimate their performance, it’s essential to look past an athlete’s current ranking. Instead, focus on which players have consistently maintained a good ranking position over time. Such players are easier to analyze, less unpredictable, and safer to bet on than athletes with fluctuating ranks.
  • Playing style. Check the player’s dominant hand (right-handed or left-handed) and their playing styles. Some table tennis players like playing quickly, which might be overwhelming for slow players. Other athletes in this sport are good at rotations and servings, so it’s crucial to take note before betting on any table tennis market. 
  • Fatigue. In live table tennis games, closely watch for fatigue signs among the players. Some players will run, while others rag around the table by serving hard and fast shots consistently. Fatigue also affects the player’s concentration and might lead to point losses.
  • Rivalry. Rivalries are the lifeblood of major sports events and they can make a huge difference in the results of the game. With that in mind, research head-to-head matchups and the history between the opponents to know what to expect. Also, take note of the psychological factors that may influence the players’ performances.
  • Importance of the table tennis tournament. The importance of a table tennis tournament can influence the playing style and morale of the players, thereby affecting the results. There may be multiple fluke events in less important table tennis tournaments since the players are willing to take more risks. However, most athletes play it safely in major tournaments.

How To Bet On Table Tennis: Step-By-Step For Beginners

Now that you understand how to analyze table tennis matches, you can choose a sports bookmaker to place your wager. Here’s how to bet on table tennis in a few simple steps:

  1. Head to your online sportsbook site or download a betting application.
  2. Log into your betting account. If you don’t have one, ensure you register a new account using your details.
  3. Make your deposit through the available banking methods (bank transfer, e-wallets, and more).
  4.  Choose “Table Tennis” from the main menu of sports.
  5.  Check for popular upcoming table tennis matches listed. You can also use available filters to choose more games.
  6. Select the game you want to bet on and you’ll find odds on several markets, from outrights to over/under and different prop bets.
  7.  Click the bet you would like to place and your choice will be highlighted. Your choice will be added to your betting slip.
  8. When looking to place multiple table tennis bets, most bookies will allow you to choose more matches on your slip.
  9. Once you choose all the table tennis bets you want, head to your betting slip and choose the amount you want to wager. Click “Place Bet” or anything similar to complete the process. 

Betting Tips and Strategies for Table Tennis

As an emerging sport, table tennis betting can be a challenge for beginners looking to optimize their strategies to improve their chances of success. Table tennis players from leagues like the Moscow Liga Pro are hardly known by the typical punter, which makes gauging whether the betting lines are valuable an uphill task.

Still, there are several tips you can consider to develop and improve your table tennis betting strategy when gambling online:

  • Pay attention to player rankings and their playing style.
  • Focus on the match-winner table tennis market as a beginner since bookmakers handle bets in this market without much attention.
  • Total points (Over/Under bets) offer punters a great betting opportunity with multiple entry points.
  • Research additional information about table tennis players. That’s a good way to identify overpriced players. Non-sport-related information about a player like mental and psychological aspects can also impact the results of a table tennis match.
  • Check for important in-game factors like grip style and more.
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Most Common Table Tennis Betting Mistakes and Pitfalls

Although the tips and strategies we have listed above will improve your chances of winning when betting on table tennis, there are several common mistakes that most punters make. Here are common pitfalls to avoid when making table tennis bets.

Not shopping for odds

Registering betting accounts with several bookies makes it easy to shop for the best odds and find true value as there are lots of wrong odds and lines, especially in the handicap and total points markets.

Poor bankroll management

In any sport, proper bankroll management is a key aspect of your betting strategies. It helps you to keep having fun and avoid running into debt from table tennis betting activities.

While low-ranking table tennis tournaments might seem like a great opportunity to place a wager due to strong odds, they’re hard to predict due to several factors. Some players may not give their best in these tournaments and most athletes hardly have enough statistics for bettors to make informed decisions.

Chasing losses

Placing bets without proper research in an attempt to recover previous losses will destroy your bankroll management system and lead to more financial troubles.

Betting at non-reputable sites

Betting on tennis online is only safe when you’re wagering with a reliable bookmaker. To avoid having a bad experience, only choose reputable betting sites with a valid license and a proven track record. 


Is Ping Pong and Table Tennis the same?

Table tennis is also known as Ping Pong or whiff-whaff. However, the rules of the game may differ depending on the tournament and region.

What’s the Best Table Tennis League to Bet On?

Some of the top table tennis leagues that you can bet on include the Ultimate Table Tennis, T-League, European Champions League, and International Table Tennis Federation.

What Does Under 74.5 Mean in Table Tennis Betting?

Betting on Under 74.5 in table tennis means that you expect the match to end with 74 or less points. If the match ends with 75 or more points in total, you’ll lose your bet.


While table tennis isn’t yet a mainstream sport, it presents plenty of opportunities for fans to enjoy its dynamic and fast-paced nature by placing bets. However, successful punters must pay attention to the player’s physical shape, ranking, playing style, nature of the competition, and more.  

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